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by Knuck on Dec.20, 2008, under Uncategorized

Now that my generic test posts are out of the way, here I am on the intarweb with my Ironic how the 'II' came to mean so much more :)own blog: my own little corner of cyberspace which may or may not actually be read by other people, and I have to admit I was (and to be frank I still am) a bit unsure of what to do with it.  Irregardless I really need to thank my friend Dan of claymoredog.com (best domain name evar) for providing the canvas for my musings.

My initial ambition upon asking for this webspace (on impulse ofc) was to just do a generic emo rant page like the majority of these things.   Selfish, perhaps - but lets look at the facts:  I have many lulz.  You, the intrepid intarweb surfer, are clearly searching for them, for they are the true currency of cyberspace, whether they be quotes of my friends taken completely out of context, or youtube links of various accidents involving Jell-O™.  I post them here, you get what you came for, my ego continues to expand as I see you peruse them.  Win-win, no?

Sadly, It’d be like every other blog thats out there.  Funny, yes, cause I tend to get worked up about things.   But there’s more to me than that.  There are a lot of forces that drive me, and while this is a gross oversimplification, here are the more important ones.

  • I’m an alcoholic in (as of the time of this writing) my second year of sobriety.  My recovery is of paramount importance to me, and in addition to keeping me sober (and therefore firmly aware of precisely where my pants are) this is pretty intertwined with my spirituality, my desire to help other people, and my ability to grow as a person.
  • My work involves managing people, and is my first gig at doing this.  Anyone that has ever managed people or worked HR knows that it’s both immensely rewarding and also among the most challenging things you can do.  This is largely because PEOPLE JUST DON’T F*****G LISTEN. :P
  • I am an avid gamer and efficient internet nerd.  Aside from keeping me from actually going anywhere productive in life, this is my leisure time largely.  It drives my sense of humour and I have a large pool of online friends - some of whom contribute to my sanity, most of whom detract from it.

With these and more in mind, I believe what I’ll do is establish some categories and post some milestones in my journeys based on them.   I’ll try to get this done after the xmas break - obviously with regards to the the work and recovery topics I need to be somewhat generic with regards to the actual people involved and I need to think about how I’ll do that.   Fortunately the last driving force, the emo gamer one, leaves me wide open for ranty goodness if I need more filler :) 

Welcome to What the Knuck.  Feel free to laugh and cry alongside me as the various forces continue to knock me around like a schizophrenic pinball!

- Nick

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ohai winter :/

by Knuck on Dec.17, 2008, under Uncategorized

seriously, its like 5" of snow, Vancouver fails :|

seriously, its like 5" of snow, Vancouver fails :|

I’ve had the distinctive pleasure of meeting (mostly online) a great many people from different countries over the last few years, and we all have our little stereotypes or preconceptions about certain foreign lands the we indulge in.  Canada is of course no exception and despite the fact that I live in a pretty mild and temperate area people assume that I spend most of my outdoor time wearing sunglasses to avoid becoming snowblind while Nyuk’tuk and I emerge from our igloo in snowshoes, and wander down to the government liquor store for another bottle of government whiskey.  Not so much.  The fact that I no longer drink and don’t want your pity whiskey anyways, I live in Vancouver.  It rains a lot here.  It’s pretty much like Seattle with less space needles.   And we do not handle snow very well.

I’d go so far actually as to say that we’re pretty much the laughing stock of other Canadian cities as far as winter goes.   As I write this, it’s about 3 pm and a good number of my staff have already left to brave the streets home, and we don’t actually close until 4:30.  I don’t blame them, the driving conditions are appalling by all accounts, bridges gridlocked, slick roads, inexperienced drivers and poor selection in tires.   But for the love of god can we please get some fucking sand and salt trucks going on out there?  Maybe some plows?  For fuck sakes it’s Canada, in the wintertime, and mild climate or not you reckon you’d have thought of these things.

I’m not worried, I have good tires and 4×4 (and unlike the automatic SUV soccer moms in their explorers wondering why their 4×4 light on the dash does not seem to bring them to a stop as quickly as they anticipated, or like, at all, I know how to use it) and may even make some cash towing people out of the ditch tonight with mah trusty tow cable.   But seriously guys, it snowed last year, did we learn nothing? :(

- Nick

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I has blog.

by Knuck on Dec.17, 2008, under Uncategorized

look at all the important work - behold the smug satisfaction

look at all the important work - behold the smug satisfaction

Whilst my emo levels are charging to maximum, this filler message will have to suffice.

Even the legends of angst must occasionally toil in the field so that they may reap the sweet bounty of caek and video games - and I am no different.  The difference is -  I DO IMPORTANT WORK HERE.

- Nick

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