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CSS Binge.

Over the past week I’ve taken to finding anything I have access to the FTP server of that uses CSS and then fucking with it to the best of my ability geschĂźtzte videosen.

As you might have noticed, this blog is no exception. I also ripped up the CSS of the Omerta Syndicate forum and killboard plus500.

The objective is to forcefully familiarize myself with CSS syntaxes by fucking around with the language until it sticks. All in all it’s going fairly well, but I have a long way to go before I’ll be able to create something I’m happy with from scratch using just/mostly CSS bavarian print.

I’ve also learned that it’s more effective to look up tags for things I don’t know how to do than simply try making them up and hoping for the best herunterladen. Who’d have thought.

Yeah fuck you smart ass.

The forum work isn’t finished yet, the Killboard I’m pretty happy with for now download audio game for children for free. I’d probably have finished the forum stuff today had I not decided to instead cannabalize this blog. No more Eureka sketch in the background 🙁

Those of you who, like me, have become Twitterfags, can find me on there under the name “YukiAnemone”, and find out about all the nothing that I do on a daily basis herunterladen. If you find yourself following me and believe my twits to be interesting or at all insightful, go outside please, as it means you’ve become a serious fucking hermit if you find my life interesting herunterladen.


Yes, that was worthy of caps lock, because I’m about to talk about Legend of the Galactic Heroes old office versions.

This is a series I picked up out of pure curiosity because I have a hard on for fleets of spaceships blowing each other up. Despite the age of the series (Aired 1988 – 1997) and an episode total of 110 it seriously delivers herunterladen.

It’s the first series I’ve watched for a while that grabs my interest and makes me want to know what the fuck is going to happen next herunterladen. At the time of writing I’ve blitzed my way through 72 episodes and the plot hasn’t really slowed down at all – there is no filler to speak of, presumably due to the wide cast of characters and their respective dilemmas.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes, despite having a rather silly name is an absolutely brilliant series that details the rise to power of two military geniuses on opposite sides of a war. Two men that are almost polar opposites in their beliefs and ideologies that develop a deep respect for each other as opponents. Fortresses are destroyed and conquered, entire multi-thousand ship fleets are obliterated, civil wars break out and planets rebel against their rulers.

Superweapons, political intrigue, religious cults and profiteering are not irregular themes.

From left: Yang Wenli, Julian Minci, Reinhard von Lohengramm.
From left: Yang Wenli, Julian Minci, Reinhard von Lohengramm.

If you’ve got nothing better to do – which you surely don’t if you’re wasting time reading this – then check it out.

So I’m addicted to Men of War

It’s true, I have become an unfortunate victim of the Men of War virus.

The last couple of days I cycle between probing for Wormholes in Eve-Online and blowing up tanks in Men of War, often to the tune of a Welshman shouting angrily on Ventrilo about the fate of said tanks windows 10 version herunterladen.

I would elaborate further on this, but I already yapped about MoW in my previous post, so this one is going to focus more on Eve.

Our Corporation, Omerta Syndicate, is back in action and getting prepared to start some wars filmeen zdf mediathek. In the meantime we’ve been busying ourselves with locating Wormholes in Highsec and looking for targets on the other side.

Today was the first time one closed behind me warum kann man manche youtube videos nicht downloaden.

We had located a Wormhole in the Isanamo system that contained a Nighthawk pilot who was merrily fighting Sleeper NPCs. Like any pvpers with an ounce of opportunism in them, we set out with our small gang of Anathema, Falcon, Sleipnir, Ishtar and Rifter itunes download kostenlos fĂźr windows.

Foolproof, right?


I probed the Nighthawk down and entered the complex he was within, bookmarked a wreck he was headed towards, warped out and back to it locked youtube videos jdownloader.

Now 20km from our target I was in the process of having our ships enter and come to me when the wormhole collapsed. With only the Falcon, Sleipnir and Anathema inside zoom app herunterladen chip.

Turns out the Sleipnir did not have the dps to break the Nighthawk, meaning without our Ishtar we couldn’t kill it. The pilot logged off, eventually disappearing, leaving us stuck in our unknown system powerpoint präsentation download kostenlos deutsch chip.

Fortunately it was only some 30 minutes before we found another wormhole and escaped into Tash Murkon.

My analysis of this is: Wormholes are awesome, thankyou CCP herunterladen.

Also, I have started work on a website for the Manchester Instrumental Teaching Provision.

I’ll provide more on this soon™

This shit is bananas.

B A N A N A S!

Ever since the announcement regarding Keanu Reeves involvement with the Cowboy Bebop live action adaptation I’ve heard a lot of nay saying and people claiming that Reeves can’t act herunterladen.

Now, the rather touchy subject of whether Keanu Reeves can act aside – because if I’m honest, I’m undecided on the subject, I like him, but who the fuck am I to judge acting talent firmware tp link herunterladen? Infact, who the fuck are you to judge acting talent? That aside, I have simply chosen to convince myself that it could be worse.

It could be much, much worse powerpoint presentations.

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

Yes, yes indeed, I did put Spike’s hair on Vin Diesel, a man with less hair than the moon kann man aus youtube videosen. Spike Diesel, as I like to call him, would certainly be nothing short of an abomination. I was tempted to make another of these, with Jason Statham, but honestly I have enough shit to waste my free time on already without making a multitude of ridiculous pictures just for you idiots final fantasy 7 herunterladen.

To summarize, Keanu Reeves is great, so shut up.

Seen as claymoredog.com will likely become my online portfolio, unless I spontaneously decide to turn the dog into a brand (funny but unlikely), I started working on a frontpage for it font windows.

This could be something like what the future of claymoredog could possibly maybe after a great deal of changes look not entirely unlike.

Still early days, but eh.
Still early days, but eh.

Truthfully I’ve always liked very light greys & subtle gradients mixed with bursts of orange, so I’ll probably stick with this unless something unexpected and shocking kicks its way into my ever dazed brain and convinces me otherwise netflix filme downloaden android.

Back on the entertainment front, Dawn of War 2 beta has been quite a bit of fun for me, even if I can often be heard blowing steam out of my ears while profanity pours out of my mouth at *insert unit* or *insert “tactic”* and FEAR 2 looks absolutely fucking terrifying herunterladen.
I gave up on FEAR because I don’t really need to be that anxious, ever. It was a game that succeeded so well at scaring the shit out of me that I stopped playing it skins von anderen spielernen.

FEAR 2 looks like FEAR on fucking acid.

After watching someone else play the demo for a brief spell I had already concluded that the game would be a waste of money I can’t afford to expend – as ultimately I’ll never play it through anyway windows 8 can beed for free.

The end.

Brief, I know, but quite frankly I’m exhausted so go away.

You Are Disabled.

It cannot be!
It cannot be!

No, I don't play Warhammer in a space suit <a class=3d bilder facebook herunterladen. " width="866" height="488" srcset="http://www.claymoredog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/fucking_bullshit.jpg 866w, http://www.claymoredog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/fucking_bullshit-300x169.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 866px) 100vw, 866px" />
No, I don't play Warhammer in a space suit.

“You Are Disabled” is Warhammer Online’s way of telling you that you’re FUBAR. The above is my approximate reaction when it happens for the 24th time in the space of 25 minutes. It’s sad, but I’m not a particularly patient person netflix on mac.

I have no idea who’s idea it was to give certain classes the ability to render you completely useless, but I feel it detracts from my enjoyment of the game somewhat to be repeatedly “disabled” and killed, while completely unable to do anything about it.

Now, generally I wouldn’t give a shit, it’s a game, and it’s a game in which the penalties you receive for death are extremely lenient… Which is probably a good job considering how many times a day you get turned into a human fucking kebab by gangs of drugged up knife wielding whores windscribe herunterladen. I’m looking at you, Witch Elves.

Now, generally I try not to follow the OMG NERF WITCH ELVES bandwagon, because I feel its going nowhere I want to be & is full of cretins with absolutely no concept of how to play their own class, and thus are in no way at all qualified to tell someone else theirs is easymode

I try not to follow the bandwagon because, well, as a Witch Hunter I can generally take a Witch Elf down, provided there’s only one of them and depending on which of the abundance of these half naked crazies it happens to be…

But today I’m going to allow myself to be dragged into the wake of that particular nerfwagon with one particular skill in mind. Whoever, while designing the different classes thought it’d be perfectly okay to give a class that can cloak and does enough damage to kill most other classes in a matter of seconds a skill that knocks down everyone in their immediate area should be fired immediately herunterladen. Out of a fucking cannon.

Without this skill Witch Elves are not much of a pwnmobile – they’re still perfectly capable of tearing most classes to shreds, but at least those classes would have a chance to actually hit them back and perhaps swear at them a little before the deed is done; raise a defiant middle finger or attempt to leap off the nearest cliff as a final “fuck you”.

Because, after all, it’s the little things that make life worth living, right?

Speaking of life, the big RL, I should probably get my own Portfolio online, maybe make some shiny pictures for it and put this ridiculous domain name to use fonts procreate. I’ve almost completed the website I’m currently working on, which i’ll be sure to post a link to once it’s done, and will surely be on the online portfailio I eventually create.

Oddly I feel posting on this waste of space blog about such a thing may compel me to do it sooner, and better, and possibly harder. I’m not sure about harder windows media player download kostenlos 64 bit. Either I’m lying to myself or this is a positive thing.

I’m probably lying to myself.

On a semi-productive note, I did finally get the thickbox loading animation to work. I would explain how I got it to work and why it wasn’t working for me in the first place, but once I actually opened the javascript to figure out what the problem was I immediately felt like a huge retard dj programm kostenlos herunterladen. It’s always the same with any kind of scripting or coding, the problem you just can’t find is bound to be something absolutely fucking ridiculous, like you named a file wrong, or you missed some seemingly pointless detail.

Somehow these annoying little things consistently succeed to ruin your day.

For the Eve people among you (Which likely consists of all of you, as I’m fairly sure no-one I know outside of either Eve-Online or Warhammer Online is going to put themselves through reading this shit I post, and the Warhammer people don’t know how to operate fucking bookmarks and I’m pretty sure lost the URL) here is a shot of my new Tempest imovie effecten downloaden. Everyone loves Tempests, they’re like the ginger kid of Tier 2 battleships.

It's so pretty, in a tetanus kind of way.
It's so pretty, in a tetanus kind of way.


I took this baby for a spin in Black Rise after having a few drinks, and after fighting two different Gallente Militia gangs solo, and running through Tama more times than is sensible without a scout, by some miracle it found its way back to the Hangar intact free studio for free.

Well, mostly intact. I broke a module, scorched a few others and lost all of my drones but I feel it was a success. Even if I did only actually kill a Blackbird. Yes, I fought two gangs, ran Tama multiple times, and all I killed was one lousy fucking Blackbird. The first gang also had a Falcon, the second managed to shut me down with just ECM drones pdf zusammenfĂźgen kostenlosen. It’s really a miracle the ship survived at all.

Maybe I’ll undock it again before 2010.

Here’s hoping.

That’s all the happiness I have to share for today.

Happy New Year, etc.