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CSS Binge.

Over the past week I’ve taken to finding anything I have access to the FTP server of that uses CSS and then fucking with it to the best of my ability geschützte videosen.

As you might have noticed, this blog is no exception. I also ripped up the CSS of the Omerta Syndicate forum and killboard plus500.

The objective is to forcefully familiarize myself with CSS syntaxes by fucking around with the language until it sticks. All in all it’s going fairly well, but I have a long way to go before I’ll be able to create something I’m happy with from scratch using just/mostly CSS bavarian print.

I’ve also learned that it’s more effective to look up tags for things I don’t know how to do than simply try making them up and hoping for the best herunterladen. Who’d have thought.

Yeah fuck you smart ass.

The forum work isn’t finished yet, the Killboard I’m pretty happy with for now download audio game for children for free. I’d probably have finished the forum stuff today had I not decided to instead cannabalize this blog. No more Eureka sketch in the background 🙁

Those of you who, like me, have become Twitterfags, can find me on there under the name “YukiAnemone”, and find out about all the nothing that I do on a daily basis herunterladen. If you find yourself following me and believe my twits to be interesting or at all insightful, go outside please, as it means you’ve become a serious fucking hermit if you find my life interesting herunterladen.


Yes, that was worthy of caps lock, because I’m about to talk about Legend of the Galactic Heroes old office versions.

This is a series I picked up out of pure curiosity because I have a hard on for fleets of spaceships blowing each other up. Despite the age of the series (Aired 1988 – 1997) and an episode total of 110 it seriously delivers herunterladen.

It’s the first series I’ve watched for a while that grabs my interest and makes me want to know what the fuck is going to happen next herunterladen. At the time of writing I’ve blitzed my way through 72 episodes and the plot hasn’t really slowed down at all – there is no filler to speak of, presumably due to the wide cast of characters and their respective dilemmas.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes, despite having a rather silly name is an absolutely brilliant series that details the rise to power of two military geniuses on opposite sides of a war. Two men that are almost polar opposites in their beliefs and ideologies that develop a deep respect for each other as opponents. Fortresses are destroyed and conquered, entire multi-thousand ship fleets are obliterated, civil wars break out and planets rebel against their rulers.

Superweapons, political intrigue, religious cults and profiteering are not irregular themes.

From left: Yang Wenli, Julian Minci, Reinhard von Lohengramm.
From left: Yang Wenli, Julian Minci, Reinhard von Lohengramm.

If you’ve got nothing better to do – which you surely don’t if you’re wasting time reading this – then check it out.

Castaway, an Eve-Online feature film.

On the evening of the 17th April 2009 I located an archeology site in a Class 4 Unknown system. It required traversing from Empire into Unknown space, then deeper into Unknown space.

Curious about this as I was, I spoke to Kale and we called for our online pilots to get ready to roll out with remote repping battleships. Below was our destination herunterladen.

Argos? In my wormhole? It's more likely than you think.
Argos? In my wormhole? It's more likely than you think.

Okay, okay, I had to make that joke aida bildschirmschoner kostenlos downloaden. Real screenshot this time.

Yes, there's really an Argos on the overview.
Yes, there's really an Argos on the overview.

Looks pretty lunchable, right?

That’s what I thought.

We headed out with 5 battleships (we had a sixth for about 15 minutes) and a cruiser, 2 Megathrons, 2 Tempests 1 Dominix and a Ruppie flash video downloader kostenlos. We got to the system without collapsing any of the wormholes behind us, we cleared the opening wave and salvaged the wrecks, then discovered that we had the wrong module (my fault, I thought it was a hacking site. Oops >_>) and sent our Dominix back home to switch mods.

We only had 2 probers in the gang, one being my Covert Ops (I was dual boxing) and the other being the Dominix outlook kostenlos windows 7 deutsch.

On his way he bumped into some industrial ships, including an Orca. Some minutes later the Orca was on the wormhole leading into us – we’d already moved our fleet to intercept and had ships on both sides – no way home for him.

He rolled the dice and jumped through (not much else for him to do) and our ships followed.

As our last battleship jumped back in the wormhole collapsed stundenzettel herunterladen. We didn’t pay the fact too much heed, as we were busy dispatching the unlucky Orca pilot, nor did we worry about it afterwards as we were more interested in continuing with our Archeology site.

Yeah fat chance.

We moved back onto the site, grouped up on one of the objects to be analyzed and started it up. Wham, 3 bs & support spawns gamigo fiesta herunterladen.

We dealt with it, but it was a little dicey from time to time and cap boosters were being eaten like candy. When the last one fell, 4 battleships spawned.

“Who has aggro?”




“Who the fuck are they shooti… Oh.”

I think the rest of us realised who they’d targetted around the same time he did word kostenlosen für xp.

Then Yswr’s poor Ruppie exploded.

It was pretty sudden, and though I lament to admit it, pretty funny to watch. Though I didn’t laugh for long, as I was next on the buffet menu.

Despite the fact that they spawned 80km away, this did not seem to diminish their ability to beat me into a cowering ball of swearwords as they cut through our remote repping quicker than I consider sensible format factory download kostenlos. Once my Tempest dived into hull we warped out, not looking back.

And this is where our adventure began.

Although I say adventure, we didn’t go very far.

We now had our entire gang in an Unknown system without a way out. It was probing time. And oh boy was it a nightmare.

It seems whenever I want a site I find a wormhole, and whenever I want a wormhole I find gas clouds sims 4 download free pc. A lot of gas clouds.

Fuck gas clouds.

We found an exit that led to another Unknown system, except this Unknown system apparantly had no otherexits.

Then we (this time Han) found another exit to more Unknown space in the system our fleet remained in, unsurprisingly it was the final signature ID left in the system, meaning a LONG TIME OF SCANNING was required before it was actually located, every other signature having been ruled out beforehand iphone 7 app herunterladen.

I don’t know what time it was when I jumped back from having scanned every single signature in my system down to a group ID (Gravimetric etc) and ruled out the possibility of another exit in there, but Ventrilo was seemingly slipping into a state of dementia, as evidenced by the can I met on my way in to meet up with the fleet.

When Castaway and Event Horizon collided.
When Castaway and Event Horizon collided.

People were playing Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 to pass the time while still logged into Eve, while us lucky probers… well, probed.

Having ruled out every signature in two systems, we moved into the new one Han had found and started work in there.

14 signatures found on 32au scan.

1 could be ruled out as our inbound wormhole, so 13 to filter through.

Ventrilo is a fit of giggles from people exhausted (probably past 3am at this point) and likely mildly drunk.

It was the 11th signature of 13 that turned out to be our exit. After almost 4 hours of constant probing we were out. Hello Sinq Laison! AUTOPILOT TO HOME PLX.

I wish I could say that after the 4 hour probing experience (jesus christ I needed a beer after that) that I turned my back on Wormhole Space, but I’d be lying, and yesterday I found this:

Class 6 Sleeper Archeology Site.
Class 6 Sleeper Archeology Site.

Like fuck I’m going in there with anything other than a Covert Ops, however. To hell with that.

I also have completed the website I mentioned in the previous post. I realise I didn’t post anything between then and now, so no previews or rough drafts going up here, but you can view it at www.man-itp.co.uk if you so wish.

I think that’s all for now. I’ve posted my Wilson picture and feel thoroughly satisfied with myself.

To close, here’s the OP from the new Full Metal Alchemist – Brotherhood series. I approve of this.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood OP