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More Flash.

Today has been a slow day of Flash experimentation and not comprehending simple functions.

With that in mind all I’ve actually pulled off was the some ridiculous circles moving around and this:

No, it’s nothing special, but it’s something I did that isn’t a tutorial, baby steps icloud for windows 7! More to come with this later I guess.

Anyway, I believe different resolutions are still seeing the comments as utterly retarded. If any of you nice people could confirm this for me then that’d be nice tabellarischer lebenslauf zum herunterladen.

I’m sure there’s at least one of you that isn’t running 1920×1200.


Edit: This one just in, minor edit but I felt good about myself amazon prime video app downloaden.

Edit: And again spiele für windows 10 kostenlos downloaden.

Flash Tutorial Complete

excel viewer for free german

Despite my earlier ranting, after starting anew at a time other than 8am prior to sleep, I completed the tutorial I had earlier somehow failed.

No, completing a fucking tutorial is no achievement, but I felt like posting it anyway counter strike kostenlos downloaden deutsch vollversion.

I did of course put my own spin on the tutorial in question, and with a little playing around had this:

There you have it, my first flash thingy herunterladen. Whatever it is. Hurray…

Hopefully I can figure out something more impressive soon, lots of basics to learn first.


Fuck you Flash


Please someone fucking explain to me how Flash can fail to draw a piece of shit rectangle when I tell it to.

It was part of A FUCKING TUTORIAL prime video film herunterladen. And not a very complicated part either. So what happened?

It’s 8am and I’ve been doing this shit for too long already, I do not have the patience for magic rectangles that don’t appear as intended, nor the patience to figure out WHY THE FUCK I CAN’T DO THE SIMPLE PART atoss app herunterladen.

Fuck it I’m going to bed.

Fuck Flash and fuck blue rectangles
Fuck Flash, fuck blue rectangles, fuck off.

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