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One Month Later…

Well, it’s been just over a month since my last post, but close enough right? I’ve been fairly occupied with work, Starcraft II, blowing up some WTs in Eve-Online and driving around things in a circular fashion in World of Tanks gta play for free without download.

I’ll start where the last paragraph ended I suppose, seen as my previous post was focused in its entirety on World of Tanks. I progressed to the T-44, have acquired a Jagdpanther for ‘lols’ and am currently arsing around in a T-28 on a bit of a quest to get in to some form of IS series heavy tank kostenloses office paketen.

SC2 I’m going to skip over as a subject, because ultimately I’m not particularly good at it.

The compulsory Eve update section.

Eve-Online however, oh my… In an explosion of boredom induced frustration I spontaneously declared war on the first Alliance that earned my ire while spamming ‘Show Info’ on random people in Airkio ing app herunterladen.
The winner was ‘House of Gaming’, and they earned the war due to a horrific inability to spell, highlighted by a pretty depressing alliance description google drive alles herunterladen.
The war lasted a single week only, despite some smack from a few of their members they weren’t up to much, and when their executor returned (he was away from the game apparently) he turned up in our public channel and expressed his desire to surrender facebook kontakte herunterladen.

Our demands were simple, of course, he seemed like a nice enough guy and I felt no need to be particularly unreasonable – so we requested they amend the errors in their alliance description and forward apologies to a member of ours that they had talked a bit of smack to gratis musikvideos herunterladen.

With that over with, we’re currently shooting at an alliance called ‘United European Star-Force’, who I felt deserved it simply for having such a stupid fucking name movies from rtl.

Despite allegedly having some PVP focus we’ve seen nothing of them since our very first engagement – in which we jumped in to their positioned force of 14 ships with our 6 fast-movers, and promptly trashed the better part of their fleet outlook herunterladen windows 7. 10 downed without loss, despite three ECM Scorpions being positioned at sniper range.

Even though we’d almost certainly humiliated them beyond expectation, they were quite amicable about the entire ordeal and assured us they weren’t finished there web.de mails herunterladen.

Well, all I’ve seen since was two corporations leave the alliance, and a single Mining Barge that wasn’t quite bright enough to depart an asteroid belt before I came out of warp with a whoosh and exploded him with a bang postgres herunterladen.

The Non-Eve bits

Relevant to my interests is Highschool of the Dead – an anime devoted to schoolgirls with massive tits fighting zombies in an extremely over the top manner. I have an inbuilt appreciation for stuff like this, even though it’s quite clear the story will be a load of absolute bollocks and it’s about as sensible as North Korea.

Highschool of the Dead bullet dodging
This is what the Matrix would have looked like had Neo been a Japanese schoolgirl with massive breasts.

Additionally, since my previous post, I finished both seasons of Life on Mars, and continued on to watch all three seasons of Ashes to Ashes – they’re an excellent watch, particularly for Phillip Glenister as Gene Hunt, who could well be described as ‘fucking awesome’.

Gene Hunt
"This investigation is moving at the speed of a spastic in a magnet factory"

Additionally, I revisited Dead Set, as I didn’t watch the entire thing when it was airing – great three part zombie piece set on big brother, recommended for a nice, quiet, zombie-night-in.

Toad in the hole

No, this post doesn’t have anything to do with food, at least not with Toad in the Hole, Toad in the hole is the name of our True Sansha Control Tower in the w-space system we have affectionately come to know as simply “Toad”. In case you’re reading this and have no idea what I just said, you may want to skip downwards as I’m going to ramble about Eve-Online a bit herunterladen.

We moved into Toad on the merit that it was the first unoccupied Class 4 w-space system that I could find, and over the last couple of weeks it has treated us to some fun things, such as watching Yswr’s Hurricane attempt to align under fire from four Sleeper battleships with no RR in a system that reduces ship agility, while webbed. It exploded of course, and we smirked and continued, as w-space is lucrative enough that losing a Hurricane is of course absolutely nothing to be concerned about google earth free latest version.

This, and the small fool around in Faction Warfare that preceded it, is part of our re-entry to Eve. Once coffers are full and we’re good and ready Omerta Syndicate will see a reactivation of sorts, a return to active service.

It’s been a while, and I for one am still rusty – you play a game for long enough consistently and you develop an extra instinct of sorts, you respond appropriately to your surroundings without hesitation and you know where everything in your UI is herunterladen. Take a year out and you’ll find yourself a bit clumsier than you remember.

It didn’t stop me from flattening a Navy Slicer with my Claw recently, but it did mean afterwards I lost a 1v1 with a Hookbill, something I could have avoided if my approach had been measured better, leaving me just a couple of km closer after the mutual scrambling occurred. As it was I was too far in to fall off range and the dip in DPS meant I couldn’t quite kill him quick enough. It’s all just practice, really, and I do miss piloting interceptors so I’m sure I’ll get plenty once we’re back in populated space downloaden films netflix.

Speaking of PVP, Alliance Tournament 8 has been airing on EveTV over the weekend, much to the delight of, well, the entire corp, who have been on Ventrilo cheering along with the matches like it’s the Eve World Cup. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Machariels blow up in groups of three, or so many Drakes fielded by idiots. The Drake is a hugely useful and versatile ship, it pains me to see these cretins just slap HML and Extenders on it, press f-keys and seemingly go AFK for a shit while the fight plays itself out survival games kostenlosen deutsch. Lrn2HAM.

Final note on the subject of Eve is that Planetary Interaction has finally been released, command centres included, and some very elaborate planning and charting has followed on our part. PI is, to understate greatly, overwhelmingly fiddly. There are so many ways to do it badly that the mind simply boggles as to how many planets will be squandered under the control of moron armies of aspiring tyrants who will surely just keep pressing buttons until something starts moving, spinning or twirling, and then consider themselves satisfied with their shiny “Empire” instagram download laptop. God knows Eve isn’t without its population of slightly more remedial users, and in a game with such a huge capacity for failure anything can happen.

If you wanted to skip the Eve speak then you’re safe to continue from here.

So I said earlier that this thread wasn’t about food, and I was telling the truth, mostly, but there’s one thing I feel is noteworthy, and that is Deks KFC chicken conspiracy theory downloaden online video. He assures me that KFC chickens are in fact not grown in the traditional manner of egg > chicken > bargain bucket, but are actually genetically modified test tube chickens that grow only a breast.

Deks, to you I say this, if only a breast is grown, then where the fuck do they keep getting the wings and legs from? I’m sure the answer will be that those are also part of the genetic growth plan, but somehow I’m struggling with the idea herunterladen.

Anyway, the following is entirely to distract Deks from questing towards me with intent to clarify, and instead send him into a state of confusion. If you don’t understand, simply scroll on and normal blogging will resume.

Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line Maginot Line

While Deks hypnotizes himself in to a fit of rage reading that a few times we will continue icloud.com.

My next subject is fucking huge holes in the ground. Specifically this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nni68iqI7WA

This is something that there is, I’m quite sure, a perfectly logical scientific explanation for. But still, it’s pretty ominous, right? A giant hole opens up and swallows a three story building. Just one building. Who lived there? He must have pissed off someone important, like, uh, Lucifer youtubeer chrome kostenlos. I don’t know if the idea of disappearing 200ft down a hole that wasn’t there five minutes ago scares the shit out of anyone reading this, but I for one find it just the slightest bit intimidating. And what do they do now? Fill it? Cover it? Charge Americans as much money as possible to come see it as a tourist attraction?

Maybe I’ll look it up later, for now I’m going to crash.

Castaway, an Eve-Online feature film.

On the evening of the 17th April 2009 I located an archeology site in a Class 4 Unknown system. It required traversing from Empire into Unknown space, then deeper into Unknown space.

Curious about this as I was, I spoke to Kale and we called for our online pilots to get ready to roll out with remote repping battleships. Below was our destination herunterladen.

Argos? In my wormhole? It's more likely than you think.
Argos? In my wormhole? It's more likely than you think.

Okay, okay, I had to make that joke aida bildschirmschoner kostenlos downloaden. Real screenshot this time.

Yes, there's really an Argos on the overview.
Yes, there's really an Argos on the overview.

Looks pretty lunchable, right?

That’s what I thought.

We headed out with 5 battleships (we had a sixth for about 15 minutes) and a cruiser, 2 Megathrons, 2 Tempests 1 Dominix and a Ruppie flash video downloader kostenlos. We got to the system without collapsing any of the wormholes behind us, we cleared the opening wave and salvaged the wrecks, then discovered that we had the wrong module (my fault, I thought it was a hacking site. Oops >_>) and sent our Dominix back home to switch mods.

We only had 2 probers in the gang, one being my Covert Ops (I was dual boxing) and the other being the Dominix outlook kostenlos windows 7 deutsch.

On his way he bumped into some industrial ships, including an Orca. Some minutes later the Orca was on the wormhole leading into us – we’d already moved our fleet to intercept and had ships on both sides – no way home for him.

He rolled the dice and jumped through (not much else for him to do) and our ships followed.

As our last battleship jumped back in the wormhole collapsed stundenzettel herunterladen. We didn’t pay the fact too much heed, as we were busy dispatching the unlucky Orca pilot, nor did we worry about it afterwards as we were more interested in continuing with our Archeology site.

Yeah fat chance.

We moved back onto the site, grouped up on one of the objects to be analyzed and started it up. Wham, 3 bs & support spawns gamigo fiesta herunterladen.

We dealt with it, but it was a little dicey from time to time and cap boosters were being eaten like candy. When the last one fell, 4 battleships spawned.

“Who has aggro?”




“Who the fuck are they shooti… Oh.”

I think the rest of us realised who they’d targetted around the same time he did word kostenlosen für xp.

Then Yswr’s poor Ruppie exploded.

It was pretty sudden, and though I lament to admit it, pretty funny to watch. Though I didn’t laugh for long, as I was next on the buffet menu.

Despite the fact that they spawned 80km away, this did not seem to diminish their ability to beat me into a cowering ball of swearwords as they cut through our remote repping quicker than I consider sensible format factory download kostenlos. Once my Tempest dived into hull we warped out, not looking back.

And this is where our adventure began.

Although I say adventure, we didn’t go very far.

We now had our entire gang in an Unknown system without a way out. It was probing time. And oh boy was it a nightmare.

It seems whenever I want a site I find a wormhole, and whenever I want a wormhole I find gas clouds sims 4 download free pc. A lot of gas clouds.

Fuck gas clouds.

We found an exit that led to another Unknown system, except this Unknown system apparantly had no otherexits.

Then we (this time Han) found another exit to more Unknown space in the system our fleet remained in, unsurprisingly it was the final signature ID left in the system, meaning a LONG TIME OF SCANNING was required before it was actually located, every other signature having been ruled out beforehand iphone 7 app herunterladen.

I don’t know what time it was when I jumped back from having scanned every single signature in my system down to a group ID (Gravimetric etc) and ruled out the possibility of another exit in there, but Ventrilo was seemingly slipping into a state of dementia, as evidenced by the can I met on my way in to meet up with the fleet.

When Castaway and Event Horizon collided.
When Castaway and Event Horizon collided.

People were playing Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 to pass the time while still logged into Eve, while us lucky probers… well, probed.

Having ruled out every signature in two systems, we moved into the new one Han had found and started work in there.

14 signatures found on 32au scan.

1 could be ruled out as our inbound wormhole, so 13 to filter through.

Ventrilo is a fit of giggles from people exhausted (probably past 3am at this point) and likely mildly drunk.

It was the 11th signature of 13 that turned out to be our exit. After almost 4 hours of constant probing we were out. Hello Sinq Laison! AUTOPILOT TO HOME PLX.

I wish I could say that after the 4 hour probing experience (jesus christ I needed a beer after that) that I turned my back on Wormhole Space, but I’d be lying, and yesterday I found this:

Class 6 Sleeper Archeology Site.
Class 6 Sleeper Archeology Site.

Like fuck I’m going in there with anything other than a Covert Ops, however. To hell with that.

I also have completed the website I mentioned in the previous post. I realise I didn’t post anything between then and now, so no previews or rough drafts going up here, but you can view it at www.man-itp.co.uk if you so wish.

I think that’s all for now. I’ve posted my Wilson picture and feel thoroughly satisfied with myself.

To close, here’s the OP from the new Full Metal Alchemist – Brotherhood series. I approve of this.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood OP

So I’m addicted to Men of War

It’s true, I have become an unfortunate victim of the Men of War virus.

The last couple of days I cycle between probing for Wormholes in Eve-Online and blowing up tanks in Men of War, often to the tune of a Welshman shouting angrily on Ventrilo about the fate of said tanks windows 10 version herunterladen.

I would elaborate further on this, but I already yapped about MoW in my previous post, so this one is going to focus more on Eve.

Our Corporation, Omerta Syndicate, is back in action and getting prepared to start some wars filmeen zdf mediathek. In the meantime we’ve been busying ourselves with locating Wormholes in Highsec and looking for targets on the other side.

Today was the first time one closed behind me warum kann man manche youtube videos nicht downloaden.

We had located a Wormhole in the Isanamo system that contained a Nighthawk pilot who was merrily fighting Sleeper NPCs. Like any pvpers with an ounce of opportunism in them, we set out with our small gang of Anathema, Falcon, Sleipnir, Ishtar and Rifter itunes download kostenlos für windows.

Foolproof, right?


I probed the Nighthawk down and entered the complex he was within, bookmarked a wreck he was headed towards, warped out and back to it locked youtube videos jdownloader.

Now 20km from our target I was in the process of having our ships enter and come to me when the wormhole collapsed. With only the Falcon, Sleipnir and Anathema inside zoom app herunterladen chip.

Turns out the Sleipnir did not have the dps to break the Nighthawk, meaning without our Ishtar we couldn’t kill it. The pilot logged off, eventually disappearing, leaving us stuck in our unknown system powerpoint präsentation download kostenlos deutsch chip.

Fortunately it was only some 30 minutes before we found another wormhole and escaped into Tash Murkon.

My analysis of this is: Wormholes are awesome, thankyou CCP herunterladen.

Also, I have started work on a website for the Manchester Instrumental Teaching Provision.

I’ll provide more on this soon™

You Are Disabled.

It cannot be!
It cannot be!

No, I don't play Warhammer in a space suit <a class=3d bilder facebook herunterladen. " width="866" height="488" srcset="http://www.claymoredog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/fucking_bullshit.jpg 866w, http://www.claymoredog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/fucking_bullshit-300x169.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 866px) 100vw, 866px" />
No, I don't play Warhammer in a space suit.

“You Are Disabled” is Warhammer Online’s way of telling you that you’re FUBAR. The above is my approximate reaction when it happens for the 24th time in the space of 25 minutes. It’s sad, but I’m not a particularly patient person netflix on mac.

I have no idea who’s idea it was to give certain classes the ability to render you completely useless, but I feel it detracts from my enjoyment of the game somewhat to be repeatedly “disabled” and killed, while completely unable to do anything about it.

Now, generally I wouldn’t give a shit, it’s a game, and it’s a game in which the penalties you receive for death are extremely lenient… Which is probably a good job considering how many times a day you get turned into a human fucking kebab by gangs of drugged up knife wielding whores windscribe herunterladen. I’m looking at you, Witch Elves.

Now, generally I try not to follow the OMG NERF WITCH ELVES bandwagon, because I feel its going nowhere I want to be & is full of cretins with absolutely no concept of how to play their own class, and thus are in no way at all qualified to tell someone else theirs is easymode

I try not to follow the bandwagon because, well, as a Witch Hunter I can generally take a Witch Elf down, provided there’s only one of them and depending on which of the abundance of these half naked crazies it happens to be…

But today I’m going to allow myself to be dragged into the wake of that particular nerfwagon with one particular skill in mind. Whoever, while designing the different classes thought it’d be perfectly okay to give a class that can cloak and does enough damage to kill most other classes in a matter of seconds a skill that knocks down everyone in their immediate area should be fired immediately herunterladen. Out of a fucking cannon.

Without this skill Witch Elves are not much of a pwnmobile – they’re still perfectly capable of tearing most classes to shreds, but at least those classes would have a chance to actually hit them back and perhaps swear at them a little before the deed is done; raise a defiant middle finger or attempt to leap off the nearest cliff as a final “fuck you”.

Because, after all, it’s the little things that make life worth living, right?

Speaking of life, the big RL, I should probably get my own Portfolio online, maybe make some shiny pictures for it and put this ridiculous domain name to use fonts procreate. I’ve almost completed the website I’m currently working on, which i’ll be sure to post a link to once it’s done, and will surely be on the online portfailio I eventually create.

Oddly I feel posting on this waste of space blog about such a thing may compel me to do it sooner, and better, and possibly harder. I’m not sure about harder windows media player download kostenlos 64 bit. Either I’m lying to myself or this is a positive thing.

I’m probably lying to myself.

On a semi-productive note, I did finally get the thickbox loading animation to work. I would explain how I got it to work and why it wasn’t working for me in the first place, but once I actually opened the javascript to figure out what the problem was I immediately felt like a huge retard dj programm kostenlos herunterladen. It’s always the same with any kind of scripting or coding, the problem you just can’t find is bound to be something absolutely fucking ridiculous, like you named a file wrong, or you missed some seemingly pointless detail.

Somehow these annoying little things consistently succeed to ruin your day.

For the Eve people among you (Which likely consists of all of you, as I’m fairly sure no-one I know outside of either Eve-Online or Warhammer Online is going to put themselves through reading this shit I post, and the Warhammer people don’t know how to operate fucking bookmarks and I’m pretty sure lost the URL) here is a shot of my new Tempest imovie effecten downloaden. Everyone loves Tempests, they’re like the ginger kid of Tier 2 battleships.

It's so pretty, in a tetanus kind of way.
It's so pretty, in a tetanus kind of way.


I took this baby for a spin in Black Rise after having a few drinks, and after fighting two different Gallente Militia gangs solo, and running through Tama more times than is sensible without a scout, by some miracle it found its way back to the Hangar intact free studio for free.

Well, mostly intact. I broke a module, scorched a few others and lost all of my drones but I feel it was a success. Even if I did only actually kill a Blackbird. Yes, I fought two gangs, ran Tama multiple times, and all I killed was one lousy fucking Blackbird. The first gang also had a Falcon, the second managed to shut me down with just ECM drones pdf zusammenfügen kostenlosen. It’s really a miracle the ship survived at all.

Maybe I’ll undock it again before 2010.

Here’s hoping.

That’s all the happiness I have to share for today.

Happy New Year, etc.