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Just because.

This is something I wrote at about 4am a few nights ago, it has no real purpose, it’s clumsy, comes at is it and consists entirely of dialogue but I didn’t see the point in leaving it idle on my hard drive. So here it is.

What no-one knows

‘Nothing just “exists”, there has to be a reason all this shit is here, if the Universe we’re in is an effect, then what’s the cause?’

‘That’s obvious, isn’t it? The big bang.’

‘People like you always say that, like its some indisputable gospel truth and you know one-hundred percent that it couldn’t be wrong.’

‘What the fuck is gospel truth anyway?’

‘Don’t try to change the subject, you want to act like you have all the answers, but you don’t, you know less than I do.’

‘There’s no way I know less than a guy who thinks there could be a god.’

‘You wanna know why I know more than you do? Because I know that I don’t know shit, but you can’t even tell how little you actually know.’

‘I know there’s no all powerful being in the sky making worlds in seven days.’

‘Oh you do? How do you know that?’

‘What the fuck kind of question is that?’

‘It is what it is, how do you know that there is without doubt no all powerful being in control of this Universe?’

‘There’s something wrong with you, man.’

‘That’s what I thought. You don’t even know what’s on that sandwich you’re eating so don’t come preaching to me about what can’t possibly be.’

‘Yeah you’re right I don’t know what’s on my sandwich, because you ordered my sandwich for me and I’ve not checked yet, asked you, or taken a bite. More importantly, do you really believe in God?’

‘Not necessarily.’

‘Then what the fuck is this lecture about?’

‘It was about not ruling out things you can’t rule out.’

‘Which means?’

‘You can’t prove there’s no God, so don’t say there isn’t one. You can’t even prove there’s real beef in a Big Mac, so keep your presumptions to yourself and try thinking before you open your face hole and let some of your ignorance spill out.’

‘You’re an asshole.’

‘Yeah, but I’m also right.’

‘About the Universe, the Big Mac or my face hole?’

‘The only one I have first hand evidence of is your face hole.’

‘So for all your smart-ass words you know the same jack shit amount as I do.’

‘That’s kind of the point, none of us know a damn thing, me included.’

‘Well here’s a helpful tip. Next time you want to tell me you know fuck all you can save yourself some energy because I never accused you of knowing nothing in the first place.’

‘You mean you never accused me of knowing anything.’

‘Shut the fuck up.’

‘That’s what I thought.’