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This shit is bananas.

B A N A N A S!

Ever since the announcement regarding Keanu Reeves involvement with the Cowboy Bebop live action adaptation I’ve heard a lot of nay saying and people claiming that Reeves can’t act herunterladen.

Now, the rather touchy subject of whether Keanu Reeves can act aside – because if I’m honest, I’m undecided on the subject, I like him, but who the fuck am I to judge acting talent firmware tp link herunterladen? Infact, who the fuck are you to judge acting talent? That aside, I have simply chosen to convince myself that it could be worse.

It could be much, much worse powerpoint presentations.

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

Yes, yes indeed, I did put Spike’s hair on Vin Diesel, a man with less hair than the moon kann man aus youtube videosen. Spike Diesel, as I like to call him, would certainly be nothing short of an abomination. I was tempted to make another of these, with Jason Statham, but honestly I have enough shit to waste my free time on already without making a multitude of ridiculous pictures just for you idiots final fantasy 7 herunterladen.

To summarize, Keanu Reeves is great, so shut up.

Seen as claymoredog.com will likely become my online portfolio, unless I spontaneously decide to turn the dog into a brand (funny but unlikely), I started working on a frontpage for it font windows.

This could be something like what the future of claymoredog could possibly maybe after a great deal of changes look not entirely unlike.

Still early days, but eh.
Still early days, but eh.

Truthfully I’ve always liked very light greys & subtle gradients mixed with bursts of orange, so I’ll probably stick with this unless something unexpected and shocking kicks its way into my ever dazed brain and convinces me otherwise netflix filme downloaden android.

Back on the entertainment front, Dawn of War 2 beta has been quite a bit of fun for me, even if I can often be heard blowing steam out of my ears while profanity pours out of my mouth at *insert unit* or *insert “tactic”* and FEAR 2 looks absolutely fucking terrifying herunterladen.
I gave up on FEAR because I don’t really need to be that anxious, ever. It was a game that succeeded so well at scaring the shit out of me that I stopped playing it skins von anderen spielernen.

FEAR 2 looks like FEAR on fucking acid.

After watching someone else play the demo for a brief spell I had already concluded that the game would be a waste of money I can’t afford to expend – as ultimately I’ll never play it through anyway windows 8 can beed for free.

The end.

Brief, I know, but quite frankly I’m exhausted so go away.