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WoT stands for World of Tanks and wall of text.

So, with our Eve corporation not actually playing Eve (unless targets are presented on a platter, a gang is already formed and they are cordially invited to attend by persons leading said gang, via Ventrilo) I’ve been mostly playing the World of Tanks beta, which while occasionally infuriating to a degree I cannot explain unless you ask me within three seconds of my T-34-85’s ammo rack exploding, is actually a bit of a lark windows 7 updatesen niet.

I imagine it’s a bit less exciting for people who play tank destroyers, and sit in bushes like Wiley-fucking-Coyote waiting for an unsuspecting Roadrunner to happen across their crosshairs, but for me and my medium tank it’s either death, glory, death and glory, or death followed by a string of unrepeatable obscenities driver's simulator. I like it best when it’s just glory.

It’s a game that doesn’t really fit under the MMO title but seems to have fallen in to the trap of masquerading as one, much like so many games these days that seem to want to ‘ride the wave’ herunterladen. MMOs have such a high turnover rate these days that there are few with consistent player bases, and most of the ones that do have player numbers that are dwarfed by the number they launched with automatically teamviewer. The examples I’d use are Warhammer Online and Aion, simply because I played them myself and later moved on. In fact, Eve is the only MMO that I maintain a consistent ‘relationship’ with, Eve seems to have become the online gaming equivalent of a wife, comparative to other MMOs which would surely qualify as nothing but mistresses or passing fancies, who are not cut out for the long run hörspiel herunterladen kostenlos. Need some tips on how to pass a difficult game? Go to redmoonpie.com and fin out how to get passed it and level up iserv ordneren.

Nonetheless, World of Tanks masquerades, even though the actual game system is much more like an FPS – even the more “massively” orientated attributes are easily matched by FPS games these days, as the progression doesn’t go much deeper than play matches in tanks > gain experience & cash > unlock and buy new tanks gratis patience downloaden voor pc. Not entirely different from unlocking new weapons in say, Battlefield Bad Company 2, surely?

Really the only thing that sets it apart from the usual FPS system is the restrictive reliance on credits, you have to pay for ammo and tank repairs after a battle, which can be more expensive than the coin you make from winning it if you’re storming around (crawling around more like) the battlefield in a Tiger or larger android file transfer download kostenlos. There’s a lot of armour to superglue back on to a Tiger tank after it’s taken a good old fashioned twatting, so you get bills big enough to push you in to using lighter tanks as money makers so that you can afford to use your larger ones herunterladen.

All of this said, it’s a good laugh, and once there’s a team system in place that’ll allow grouping with friends (we currently count down from three on Ventrilo and all hit “Battle” at the same time, then hope to god we got in to the same match) the experience will only improve herunterladen. I’m not convinced of the longevity of the game, but perhaps the lack of a subscription will compensate for that. No sub means you can pick up and play when it suits you, and the optional micro-transactions don’t seem too game breaking.

Anyway, I would talk about anime as usual but I’ve not really watched any. Since I finished Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood I’ve watched maybe 2 episodes of Highschool of the Dead, and that’s about it.

What I have been watching after some demands on the part of a friend, is Life on Mars, which has been pretty awesome so far. I’m currently just over half way through the second season and I’ve no doubt that I’ll have finished it and be hitting up Ashes to Ashes some time this week.

Now that I’ve provided something resembling an update, even if mostly a muddled explanation of my opinion of World of Tanks, I’m going to get on with ordering myself a takeaway, as it is the weekend, I’m hungry and I can’t blog and operate Just-Eat at the same time without fucking one up entirely.

Final note before I sign off is this: If you have a bizarrely named domain such as, I don’t know, ClaymoreDog.com, and you’re asked by work colleagues what the name is about, don’t try to explain, it’s not possible to do it any kind of sensible way.

CSS Binge.

Over the past week I’ve taken to finding anything I have access to the FTP server of that uses CSS and then fucking with it to the best of my ability geschützte videosen.

As you might have noticed, this blog is no exception. I also ripped up the CSS of the Omerta Syndicate forum and killboard plus500.

The objective is to forcefully familiarize myself with CSS syntaxes by fucking around with the language until it sticks. All in all it’s going fairly well, but I have a long way to go before I’ll be able to create something I’m happy with from scratch using just/mostly CSS bavarian print.

I’ve also learned that it’s more effective to look up tags for things I don’t know how to do than simply try making them up and hoping for the best herunterladen. Who’d have thought.

Yeah fuck you smart ass.

The forum work isn’t finished yet, the Killboard I’m pretty happy with for now download audio game for children for free. I’d probably have finished the forum stuff today had I not decided to instead cannabalize this blog. No more Eureka sketch in the background 🙁

Those of you who, like me, have become Twitterfags, can find me on there under the name “YukiAnemone”, and find out about all the nothing that I do on a daily basis herunterladen. If you find yourself following me and believe my twits to be interesting or at all insightful, go outside please, as it means you’ve become a serious fucking hermit if you find my life interesting herunterladen.


Yes, that was worthy of caps lock, because I’m about to talk about Legend of the Galactic Heroes old office versions.

This is a series I picked up out of pure curiosity because I have a hard on for fleets of spaceships blowing each other up. Despite the age of the series (Aired 1988 – 1997) and an episode total of 110 it seriously delivers herunterladen.

It’s the first series I’ve watched for a while that grabs my interest and makes me want to know what the fuck is going to happen next herunterladen. At the time of writing I’ve blitzed my way through 72 episodes and the plot hasn’t really slowed down at all – there is no filler to speak of, presumably due to the wide cast of characters and their respective dilemmas.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes, despite having a rather silly name is an absolutely brilliant series that details the rise to power of two military geniuses on opposite sides of a war. Two men that are almost polar opposites in their beliefs and ideologies that develop a deep respect for each other as opponents. Fortresses are destroyed and conquered, entire multi-thousand ship fleets are obliterated, civil wars break out and planets rebel against their rulers.

Superweapons, political intrigue, religious cults and profiteering are not irregular themes.

From left: Yang Wenli, Julian Minci, Reinhard von Lohengramm.
From left: Yang Wenli, Julian Minci, Reinhard von Lohengramm.

If you’ve got nothing better to do – which you surely don’t if you’re wasting time reading this – then check it out.

On Tyranids, Labiears and Elfgina.

It’s probably best not to ask questions about the title of this particular post, particularly ones pertaining to the meanings of the words “Labiear” and “Elfgina”. I’m sure those of you with a more “active” imagination have already figured it out and are rolling your eyes, but these words did seem exceptionally funny coming through Deks microphone during a game of Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II beta herunterladen.

Val Kilmer appears as the Force Commander
Val Kilmer appears as the Force Commander

I’ve got to say, I want to buy this game. It’s a good game, it’s mostly well balanced (mostly) and is about the most fun I’ve had with an online RTS for a while, the only rival in my eyes being Company of Heroes, which is also by Relic, and has the unfortunate issue of never fucking connecting to any other users drawboard.

It seems to me that DoW2 will have some of the same online lobby issues that plagued CoH, namely the words “NAT negotiation failed”, but it seems thus far to a lesser extent. Which is a step in the right direction, or possibly just a step in the direction of making it somewhat plausible to actually get a game started within the first fucking excruciating hour of trying dict.cc kostenlos herunterladen.

I don’t understand what the issue is, Relic. There’s a million and one online games in the word, all sucking money out of adults and children alike in exchange for the joy of obliterating another person over the internet, so why is it that a company so established that makes such fantastic games cannot seem to master connecting people to each other to allow such obliteration to occur?

There’s obviously some bizarre fact I’m missing, maybe all RTS games have this issue and I’ve just not been playing any of the others enough online to experience it, or maybe there’s some sort of conspiracy I just don’t know about in which Relic are being victimized by the very internet itself alle pdfs einer seite downloaden. All I know for sure is that it’s fucking annoying.

While I’m on the subject of gaming, what the fuck was Call of Duty 5 about? Why is it every time Infinity Ward go afk to take a piss Treyarch leap into their shadow and make a terrible game that pales in comparison its predecessor? Seriously, the entire reason I bought CoD5 was the Co-op. I like co-op because I have a number of internet (and REAL LIFE™) friends that I like to play internet (but not REAL LIFE™) games with (I’m too lazy for REAL LIFE™ games) and the first time we tried to play the fucking thing it absolutely refused to let us images from wordpress.

My immediate thought at that point in time was “Okay, fuck you then” and I’ve not launched the game since making it a serious waste of money. Not to mention the fact that after installing and launching the game once, it crashed and ever since my drive refuses to read the fucking disc. It reads another CoD5 disc fine, it reads every other disc fine, my disc reads fine in another machine, but my disc, in my machine, post-installation hartenjagen windows 7 downloaden? Not a chance.

I’ve not seen something so fundamental fuck up so badly since I tried to launch Farcry2 and was presented with a plethora of bizarre errors and warnings that I completely ignored only to have the game launch and play absolutely fine until it inevitably crashed like the unstable pile of shit it is. Farcry 2 was very pretty & quite fun, but less stable than your grandmother balancing on the end of Mike Tyson’s dick.

Moving swiftly on and away from gaming before I start talking about Warhammer Online again, and inevitably spiral downwards into describing how much of a bunch of self righteous pricks a certain EU guild happen to be herunterladen.

Onto the serious business, because as I’m sure you’re aware, I’m all about the serious business.

I just completed working on www.davidillustration.com and I’m going to selfishly plug it here, because it’s my fucking blog and I can. It was, of course, built to client spec and while there’s a couple of things I’d have done differently were it for myself I am for the most part pleased with the final product achterbahn spiele kostenlos downloaden. Check it out, the artist I built it for has a lot of talent and I’m sure will be carving himself out a market share given the time and effort that all things require.

It dawned on me this morning that I’m now old enough to look to what I was doing almost 10 years ago as fond memories of dicking off causing trouble for other people, being an obnoxious teenager and playing computer games herunterladen.

Actually, the only thing that’s really changed is that I’m not a teenager anymore and I get out less…

Well, really a lot has changed, as things inevitably do, and I found myself missing the old haunts and after school LAN gaming sprees. Inevitably with a LAN there were people I liked and people I wanted to smash into their keyboard so hard that the next time they took a shit they’d be able to spell their name in the toilet, but the memories are mostly good ones fifa 19 gratis downloaden. I have to wonder how much overnight LANs fueled by excessive energy drinks (inevitably the very cheap alternatives such as “Boost”) screwed me up.

I also have to wonder whether the people who ran the place ever did figure out that my gaming rage and their broken mice were not seperate problems.

Okay, I’m done reminiscing, presumably this odd occurance was caused by it being my 24th birthday this month and me starting to realise that I need to stop fucking around sooner or later, preferably sooner.

Probably later.

For the sake of dipping into the subject of anime before I close this post that has run rampant and will no doubt break 1000 words before I’m done blathering on about getting ever closer to a midlife crisis, I suggest watching Ga-Rei Zero. I recently did and it was a surprise package. It begins with some very typical cliche action and it does carry a little of that with it throughout, but it will catch you by surprise and it’s an entirely enjoyable series.

This series made me want Pocky.
This series made me want Pocky.

Schoolgirl + Pocky + Katana? Yep, works for me.

That’s all for now. If you’ve kept with me all the way through this one I salute you.