You Are Disabled.

It cannot be!
It cannot be!

No, I don't play Warhammer in a space suit <a class=3d bilder facebook herunterladen. " width="866" height="488" srcset=" 866w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 866px) 100vw, 866px" />
No, I don't play Warhammer in a space suit.

“You Are Disabled” is Warhammer Online’s way of telling you that you’re FUBAR. The above is my approximate reaction when it happens for the 24th time in the space of 25 minutes. It’s sad, but I’m not a particularly patient person netflix on mac.

I have no idea who’s idea it was to give certain classes the ability to render you completely useless, but I feel it detracts from my enjoyment of the game somewhat to be repeatedly “disabled” and killed, while completely unable to do anything about it.

Now, generally I wouldn’t give a shit, it’s a game, and it’s a game in which the penalties you receive for death are extremely lenient… Which is probably a good job considering how many times a day you get turned into a human fucking kebab by gangs of drugged up knife wielding whores windscribe herunterladen. I’m looking at you, Witch Elves.

Now, generally I try not to follow the OMG NERF WITCH ELVES bandwagon, because I feel its going nowhere I want to be & is full of cretins with absolutely no concept of how to play their own class, and thus are in no way at all qualified to tell someone else theirs is easymode

I try not to follow the bandwagon because, well, as a Witch Hunter I can generally take a Witch Elf down, provided there’s only one of them and depending on which of the abundance of these half naked crazies it happens to be…

But today I’m going to allow myself to be dragged into the wake of that particular nerfwagon with one particular skill in mind. Whoever, while designing the different classes thought it’d be perfectly okay to give a class that can cloak and does enough damage to kill most other classes in a matter of seconds a skill that knocks down everyone in their immediate area should be fired immediately herunterladen. Out of a fucking cannon.

Without this skill Witch Elves are not much of a pwnmobile – they’re still perfectly capable of tearing most classes to shreds, but at least those classes would have a chance to actually hit them back and perhaps swear at them a little before the deed is done; raise a defiant middle finger or attempt to leap off the nearest cliff as a final “fuck you”.

Because, after all, it’s the little things that make life worth living, right?

Speaking of life, the big RL, I should probably get my own Portfolio online, maybe make some shiny pictures for it and put this ridiculous domain name to use fonts procreate. I’ve almost completed the website I’m currently working on, which i’ll be sure to post a link to once it’s done, and will surely be on the online portfailio I eventually create.

Oddly I feel posting on this waste of space blog about such a thing may compel me to do it sooner, and better, and possibly harder. I’m not sure about harder windows media player download kostenlos 64 bit. Either I’m lying to myself or this is a positive thing.

I’m probably lying to myself.

On a semi-productive note, I did finally get the thickbox loading animation to work. I would explain how I got it to work and why it wasn’t working for me in the first place, but once I actually opened the javascript to figure out what the problem was I immediately felt like a huge retard dj programm kostenlos herunterladen. It’s always the same with any kind of scripting or coding, the problem you just can’t find is bound to be something absolutely fucking ridiculous, like you named a file wrong, or you missed some seemingly pointless detail.

Somehow these annoying little things consistently succeed to ruin your day.

For the Eve people among you (Which likely consists of all of you, as I’m fairly sure no-one I know outside of either Eve-Online or Warhammer Online is going to put themselves through reading this shit I post, and the Warhammer people don’t know how to operate fucking bookmarks and I’m pretty sure lost the URL) here is a shot of my new Tempest imovie effecten downloaden. Everyone loves Tempests, they’re like the ginger kid of Tier 2 battleships.

It's so pretty, in a tetanus kind of way.
It's so pretty, in a tetanus kind of way.


I took this baby for a spin in Black Rise after having a few drinks, and after fighting two different Gallente Militia gangs solo, and running through Tama more times than is sensible without a scout, by some miracle it found its way back to the Hangar intact free studio for free.

Well, mostly intact. I broke a module, scorched a few others and lost all of my drones but I feel it was a success. Even if I did only actually kill a Blackbird. Yes, I fought two gangs, ran Tama multiple times, and all I killed was one lousy fucking Blackbird. The first gang also had a Falcon, the second managed to shut me down with just ECM drones pdf zusammenfügen kostenlosen. It’s really a miracle the ship survived at all.

Maybe I’ll undock it again before 2010.

Here’s hoping.

That’s all the happiness I have to share for today.

Happy New Year, etc.


So today has been what I would classify as just another day, I woke up ludicrously late after falling asleep excessively late, wandered around aimlessly making grunting sounds like a down syndrome kid until I’d consumed my “morning” cup of tea, and then almost impaled myself on my wonderful IKEA desk.

Oh how sweet, a long piece of metal sticking out of the front of my desk!
Oh how sweet, a long piece of metal sticking out of the front of my desk!

Okay, what the fuck, that’s not something that usually happens muss ich jitsi herunterladen. Why is there no screw holding my keyboard shelf together? Obviously my first move was to attempt to find this screw and restore to its rightful place, ie; somewhere that prevents my desk becoming a fucking DIY disembowelment kit. Alas no, I have failed, the screw has yet to be located.

So what to do now? Find a makeshift solution? Continue looking for the screw? Find a job wie kann man android spiele kostenlosen? Play Warhammer Online?

Yeah you got me, I played Warhammer Online. God damn I hate being predictable.

I logged in to discover that failure was occuring in the vicinity of Kadrin Valley, a lovely place full of fat midgets, whos only noticable gender seperation is that the women shave their beards off, while the men allow theirs to grow as long as possible, presumably as compensation for what very small people would inevitably be lacking elsewhere.

Once I observed our warband get utterly wiped trying to break the second door of the southern keep I decided to go elsewhere, somewhere with a nicer atmosphere, maybe somewhere sunny youtube neu herunterladen. Or maybe Sigmar’s Crypts.

Phae shows me some of her "fighting moves" while we wait for the others <a class=adobe acrobat reader kostenlos herunterladen chip. :/" width="150" height="150" />
Phae shows me some of her "fighting moves" while we wait for the others. :/

Okay, it’s not a very nice place, and it’s not very sunny, but I got a Sentinel piece out of it so fuck you.

Plus, the game decided that our Archmage was more of an exhibitionist than expected, and removed all of her armour. Well, removed it on my screen brawl stars privater server herunterladen. Everyone but me was seeing robes, I         have to admit this is the first time I’ve had a bug in an online game that I felt a desire to replicate in RL. Unfortunately the design for RL is a great deal less interesting.

If there is a god, perhaps he should fuck off and let Mythic/GOA run things for a while download different fonts for free. They’ll fuck everything up but hey, if I get magic eyes out of the deal then I can make do.

So there you have it, I played Warhammer for a bit, I got myself a shiny new belt for my internet Witch Hunter, and then…

Well. Lets overlook the fact that I actually, in RL terms, achieved absolutely fuck all aside from losing a couple of hours of my life to a game, and move on to what happened next photoimpact 12 kostenlosen deutsch. I presume it was loud, I can only presume, as I had my headphones on. My headphones I know for a fact are loud.

But, it was bound to be loud, I mean, when large pieces of metal fall off walls onto other pieces of metal it generally is, right?

Yeah, you’re starting to get the picture now. I learned, while I was gleefully roaming around crypts convincing the undead that they should have stayed the fuck in their various coffins or tombs, that the extractor/light/large metal thing that can usually be found hovering above our cooker screwed into the wall between two cupboards was infact no longer screwed into the wall between two cupboards, but in fact had faceplanted onto the cooker itself ark for free.

Ah, what a day, I say.

Visual aid provided, because I don’t trust most of you to have the necessary brainpower to piece together the jigsaw of description I’ve provided you.

No, it's not the worlds largest George Foreman grill, you fucking cretin.
No, this is in fact NOT the worlds largest George Foreman grill.

Merry fucking Christmas suche apps zum herunterladen. Maybe tomorrow my computer will discover that it is infact not a computer but a container full of semtex and explode unexpectedly while I’m taking a shower, or eating breakfast. Who knows what’s coming next, but they say these things come in threes, right?

Nevermind. Soon I will be at my parents place eating free food, drinking and likely calling my friends while enebriated to slur down the phone at them bücher kostenlos herunterladen kindle. It wouldn’t be the first time (ffs).

I bid thee farewell for now.

Oh, and first real blog post. What a load of shit it was too. Yaaay!

Y Helo.

I have arrived on the interwebs, I come for your pron, your on line gaems and ur gundam.

This is a test post because I want to test it and if you have a problem with my testing this with a test post then you should probably test your ability to GET THE FUCK OFF MY BLOG ich kann discord nichten.

Ah, sweet freedom of speech, I love you, internet, despite all your faggotry.

And here’s a test image, because testing images is a pretty good way to test images download the settlers 3 for free.

Not likely.

Continuing to test, because well, there’s not much use in testing a test post with testy test less than testing test four lines is there Mr Test Post lieder online legal downloaden.

No, didn’t think so, and you know why? Because all my other posts are going to be heavily populated with the various rantings, complaints and general disapproval of whatever-the-fuck-it-is-you-idiots-do that you no doubt are expecting already lion king.

And well, really, there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

Sucks for you I suppose.

Yours truly,

– Dan

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