Haruhi is back. And it’s about fucking time.

Better late than never...
Better late than never...

It’s finally that time of year, decade, what the fuck ever herunterladen. The clowns in control of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya have at last released the first new episode of what will be the second season.

Admittedly they released it in the middle of a re-air of the first season, prompting the logical conclusion that the new episodes will likely be aired as and when they see fit, be it inbetween or after the current re-airing gta 5 gekauft herunterladen.

It took them a pretty silly amount of time to release this, so heres hoping it’s worth the wait.

In other news, my kitten, Snow, is asleep behind me after tiring himself out trampling my keyboard, and all attempts to negotiate with Photoshop so far today have been relatively unproductive herunterladen. I did make myself a new forum signature but I can’t really claim to have gotten anywhere with Photoshop in the production of it, seen as the only editing it actually required was some re-sizing, moving and bordering herunterladen. I was aiming for minimalistic so I can’t complain.

I will conquer you, Photoshop, whether you like it or not.

In Eve, Russians blew up my Raven – which in some way was a relief, as I pretty much went out of my way to lose the damn thing schriften für word herunterladen. While I quite liked the hunk of metal it had pve rigs on and I couldn’t be fucked to trash them for field extenders. It was a very Stalingrad experience, we blew up their Pilgrim and another one showed up, picked up the rifle and took his place www.musik download for free. We blew up a Huginn and he returned in a Dominix. We put his Dominix into hull and he returned with a different Dominix (seriously).

Suffice to say we’d have killed all of them if not for the late arrival of our old friend the Falcon Download the file from onedrive. It’s always that way though, isn’t it? Nevermind.

This weekend all our internet idiots are gathering in one location to celebrate Mr office programm kostenlos herunterladen. Ryoko’s birthday. It’s truly destined to be a clusterfuck of proportions we’ve not yet encountered, as computers will be taken with for LANnage aswell as plans for BBQ and of course excessive amounts of beer gegenteil herunterladen.

Someone please keep Deks off the Voshka this time, I’m not sure Kale wants a naked man running around his house for his birthday.

That is all photoscape x download for free.

PS. Anyone need a website? Will design for food.

Castaway, an Eve-Online feature film.

On the evening of the 17th April 2009 I located an archeology site in a Class 4 Unknown system. It required traversing from Empire into Unknown space, then deeper into Unknown space.

Curious about this as I was, I spoke to Kale and we called for our online pilots to get ready to roll out with remote repping battleships. Below was our destination herunterladen.

Argos? In my wormhole? It's more likely than you think.
Argos? In my wormhole? It's more likely than you think.

Okay, okay, I had to make that joke aida bildschirmschoner kostenlos downloaden. Real screenshot this time.

Yes, there's really an Argos on the overview.
Yes, there's really an Argos on the overview.

Looks pretty lunchable, right?

That’s what I thought.

We headed out with 5 battleships (we had a sixth for about 15 minutes) and a cruiser, 2 Megathrons, 2 Tempests 1 Dominix and a Ruppie flash video downloader kostenlos. We got to the system without collapsing any of the wormholes behind us, we cleared the opening wave and salvaged the wrecks, then discovered that we had the wrong module (my fault, I thought it was a hacking site. Oops >_>) and sent our Dominix back home to switch mods.

We only had 2 probers in the gang, one being my Covert Ops (I was dual boxing) and the other being the Dominix outlook kostenlos windows 7 deutsch.

On his way he bumped into some industrial ships, including an Orca. Some minutes later the Orca was on the wormhole leading into us – we’d already moved our fleet to intercept and had ships on both sides – no way home for him.

He rolled the dice and jumped through (not much else for him to do) and our ships followed.

As our last battleship jumped back in the wormhole collapsed stundenzettel herunterladen. We didn’t pay the fact too much heed, as we were busy dispatching the unlucky Orca pilot, nor did we worry about it afterwards as we were more interested in continuing with our Archeology site.

Yeah fat chance.

We moved back onto the site, grouped up on one of the objects to be analyzed and started it up. Wham, 3 bs & support spawns gamigo fiesta herunterladen.

We dealt with it, but it was a little dicey from time to time and cap boosters were being eaten like candy. When the last one fell, 4 battleships spawned.

“Who has aggro?”




“Who the fuck are they shooti… Oh.”

I think the rest of us realised who they’d targetted around the same time he did word kostenlosen für xp.

Then Yswr’s poor Ruppie exploded.

It was pretty sudden, and though I lament to admit it, pretty funny to watch. Though I didn’t laugh for long, as I was next on the buffet menu.

Despite the fact that they spawned 80km away, this did not seem to diminish their ability to beat me into a cowering ball of swearwords as they cut through our remote repping quicker than I consider sensible format factory download kostenlos. Once my Tempest dived into hull we warped out, not looking back.

And this is where our adventure began.

Although I say adventure, we didn’t go very far.

We now had our entire gang in an Unknown system without a way out. It was probing time. And oh boy was it a nightmare.

It seems whenever I want a site I find a wormhole, and whenever I want a wormhole I find gas clouds sims 4 download free pc. A lot of gas clouds.

Fuck gas clouds.

We found an exit that led to another Unknown system, except this Unknown system apparantly had no otherexits.

Then we (this time Han) found another exit to more Unknown space in the system our fleet remained in, unsurprisingly it was the final signature ID left in the system, meaning a LONG TIME OF SCANNING was required before it was actually located, every other signature having been ruled out beforehand iphone 7 app herunterladen.

I don’t know what time it was when I jumped back from having scanned every single signature in my system down to a group ID (Gravimetric etc) and ruled out the possibility of another exit in there, but Ventrilo was seemingly slipping into a state of dementia, as evidenced by the can I met on my way in to meet up with the fleet.

When Castaway and Event Horizon collided.
When Castaway and Event Horizon collided.

People were playing Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 to pass the time while still logged into Eve, while us lucky probers… well, probed.

Having ruled out every signature in two systems, we moved into the new one Han had found and started work in there.

14 signatures found on 32au scan.

1 could be ruled out as our inbound wormhole, so 13 to filter through.

Ventrilo is a fit of giggles from people exhausted (probably past 3am at this point) and likely mildly drunk.

It was the 11th signature of 13 that turned out to be our exit. After almost 4 hours of constant probing we were out. Hello Sinq Laison! AUTOPILOT TO HOME PLX.

I wish I could say that after the 4 hour probing experience (jesus christ I needed a beer after that) that I turned my back on Wormhole Space, but I’d be lying, and yesterday I found this:

Class 6 Sleeper Archeology Site.
Class 6 Sleeper Archeology Site.

Like fuck I’m going in there with anything other than a Covert Ops, however. To hell with that.

I also have completed the website I mentioned in the previous post. I realise I didn’t post anything between then and now, so no previews or rough drafts going up here, but you can view it at www.man-itp.co.uk if you so wish.

I think that’s all for now. I’ve posted my Wilson picture and feel thoroughly satisfied with myself.

To close, here’s the OP from the new Full Metal Alchemist – Brotherhood series. I approve of this.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood OP

So I’m addicted to Men of War

It’s true, I have become an unfortunate victim of the Men of War virus.

The last couple of days I cycle between probing for Wormholes in Eve-Online and blowing up tanks in Men of War, often to the tune of a Welshman shouting angrily on Ventrilo about the fate of said tanks windows 10 version herunterladen.

I would elaborate further on this, but I already yapped about MoW in my previous post, so this one is going to focus more on Eve.

Our Corporation, Omerta Syndicate, is back in action and getting prepared to start some wars filmeen zdf mediathek. In the meantime we’ve been busying ourselves with locating Wormholes in Highsec and looking for targets on the other side.

Today was the first time one closed behind me warum kann man manche youtube videos nicht downloaden.

We had located a Wormhole in the Isanamo system that contained a Nighthawk pilot who was merrily fighting Sleeper NPCs. Like any pvpers with an ounce of opportunism in them, we set out with our small gang of Anathema, Falcon, Sleipnir, Ishtar and Rifter itunes download kostenlos für windows.

Foolproof, right?


I probed the Nighthawk down and entered the complex he was within, bookmarked a wreck he was headed towards, warped out and back to it locked youtube videos jdownloader.

Now 20km from our target I was in the process of having our ships enter and come to me when the wormhole collapsed. With only the Falcon, Sleipnir and Anathema inside zoom app herunterladen chip.

Turns out the Sleipnir did not have the dps to break the Nighthawk, meaning without our Ishtar we couldn’t kill it. The pilot logged off, eventually disappearing, leaving us stuck in our unknown system powerpoint präsentation download kostenlos deutsch chip.

Fortunately it was only some 30 minutes before we found another wormhole and escaped into Tash Murkon.

My analysis of this is: Wormholes are awesome, thankyou CCP herunterladen.

Also, I have started work on a website for the Manchester Instrumental Teaching Provision.

I’ll provide more on this soon™

Mutter mutter internet grumble.

How to start this one?

Well, I can’t access the internet as I write this, which is probably what spurred me to write a new entry in the first place. Boredom is a terrible thing, after all.

I’ll spare you the rant about the router or ISP that you’re no doubt expecting and skip on forwards to the RL section of this one utorrent schnelleren lassen. Despite remaining unemployed, with money bullshit looming over me like a gorilla looking at a banana sandwich I have somehow come to the decision that I’m going to keep one of the kittens Sho’s cat spawned not long before he disappeared to Thailand for two weeks.
The kitten in question does not have a name yet, and he’s a little bastard; he is extremely territorial at the food bowl and is the only one of five that will dare to swat and hiss at other kittens in demonstration of this appsen samsung watch.

Whether the fact that he’s so mean is what finally convinced me to keep him for myself is debatable.

Maybe I’m going daft, but there’s something I like about watching him try to chew my fingers and claw at me. Fuck it; I’ll find a job and figure it out.

Speaking of figuring it out, I need to figure out how to prevent myself from buying online games win 10 pro download kostenlos. I’m looking at you, Men of War.

Men of War is a very well designed game, the physics are wonderful to behold and there’s so much available to you that you’ll likely never stop figuring out new ways to screw with the enemy.
For example, the last time I was playing online (and got a thorough twatting at the hands of a bunch of Panther and King Tiger tanks) a rather nippy armoured car came speeding up to my KV-85 Tank windows 10 software.
The KV-85 is quite a nice tank but apparently it can’t move the turret fast enough to blast an armoured car orbiting it at close range, which becomes problematic when it shoots your fucking tracks out, then shoots a hole in your turret.

Quite annoyed by now, as this thing mockingly tries to plink the rear armour of my completely immobilized tank, I had a member of the tank crew climb out the top and total the little bastard with an anti-tank grenade ginlo herunterladen.

This is just a tiny example of the scope for fuckery that this game creates. A single well controlled scout can take out a series of anti-tanks and disappear into the bushes in his ghillie suit. A sniper can climb a tree and pick off targets from further than he could from the ground. A well placed officer can spot enemy targets from afar with his binoculars and turn an entire battle sims 4 cc kostenlos herunterladen.
All this and they couldn’t hire decent fucking voice actors.

The co-op/campaign missions have without a doubt the absolute worst voice acting I have ever encountered in a computer game. Let alone such a good game.
I would like to say “In all fairness the developers are a Russian company so it had to be dubbed over” but you know what, fuck that, I paid for this game, I want some fucking Kiefer Sutherland or Liam Neeson doing voice overs monopoly deluxe deutsch kostenlos vollversion.

While I have to admit, not even Jack Bauer could rescue Call of Duty 5 from being a sack of shit, I would have loved to have him further expand on the Men of War experience, and push the voice acting up to the level the rest of the game is at.

Oh yes, and hard mode is FUCKING HARD.

You find yourself defending a road, or a port, or a sandwich maker, and you will kill a ridiculous quantity of Nazis in defence of whatever it might be you’ve put yourself in harm’s way for, only to finally fall under the sea of angry germans and die herunterladen.

The end screen can read “You killed 400 germans, 31 tanks, 15 vehicles and lost 5 men, 1 george foreman grill and a gerbil” closely followed by “Sorry but you fucked up and died game over”.
Excuse me, but I feel I did my bit for the motherland and should be awarded with many medals for killing anything at all considering the absolutely ridiculous odds this game puts you up against threadcross download.
Moving on.

Warhammer Online is growing stale, I have to say. Sacking the Inevitable City was a massive disappointment and I’m not sure I can accumulate enough give-a-fuck to bother going there again.
The third stages of PQs instagib full Dark Promise tanks, making actually receiving any loot fucking unlikely.

I genuinely lost count of the number of times I was one-shotted by Chaos monsters of various shape and size Music download for free mac.

What doesn’t really help matters is that a large percentage of our server’s Destruction populace have absolutely no staying power at all.

Before Alarielle players started being herded over to Burlok Destruction were walking all over Order, now things have turned around all I see is “omfg I quit” posts, “omg nerf BW AoE” posts and “SERVER CRISIS” threads.

Bit disappointing I have to say, come on lads, stop hiding behind excuses, man up and figure your shit out.

Blimey, almost up to two pages of bollocks in Word and the net is still down. Best keep going.

With the above in mind, my Warhammer hours will be decreasing, I fear, and Eve is likely to make a comeback.
I really need to catch up with Battlestar Galactica, 24, Heroes and possibly Lost, if that’s started too.
Joss Whedon has also reappeared with Dollhouse, which I was sold on the moment I discovered Eliza Dushku would be the featuring heavily in it.
I should be starting work on another website sometime this week with some luck, so I’ll likely be spamming this with that soon enough.

Try not to miss me too much (Yeah, right).

Yep, Im convinced.
Yep, I'm convinced.

On Tyranids, Labiears and Elfgina.

It’s probably best not to ask questions about the title of this particular post, particularly ones pertaining to the meanings of the words “Labiear” and “Elfgina”. I’m sure those of you with a more “active” imagination have already figured it out and are rolling your eyes, but these words did seem exceptionally funny coming through Deks microphone during a game of Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II beta herunterladen.

Val Kilmer appears as the Force Commander
Val Kilmer appears as the Force Commander

I’ve got to say, I want to buy this game. It’s a good game, it’s mostly well balanced (mostly) and is about the most fun I’ve had with an online RTS for a while, the only rival in my eyes being Company of Heroes, which is also by Relic, and has the unfortunate issue of never fucking connecting to any other users drawboard.

It seems to me that DoW2 will have some of the same online lobby issues that plagued CoH, namely the words “NAT negotiation failed”, but it seems thus far to a lesser extent. Which is a step in the right direction, or possibly just a step in the direction of making it somewhat plausible to actually get a game started within the first fucking excruciating hour of trying dict.cc kostenlos herunterladen.

I don’t understand what the issue is, Relic. There’s a million and one online games in the word, all sucking money out of adults and children alike in exchange for the joy of obliterating another person over the internet, so why is it that a company so established that makes such fantastic games cannot seem to master connecting people to each other to allow such obliteration to occur?

There’s obviously some bizarre fact I’m missing, maybe all RTS games have this issue and I’ve just not been playing any of the others enough online to experience it, or maybe there’s some sort of conspiracy I just don’t know about in which Relic are being victimized by the very internet itself alle pdfs einer seite downloaden. All I know for sure is that it’s fucking annoying.

While I’m on the subject of gaming, what the fuck was Call of Duty 5 about? Why is it every time Infinity Ward go afk to take a piss Treyarch leap into their shadow and make a terrible game that pales in comparison its predecessor? Seriously, the entire reason I bought CoD5 was the Co-op. I like co-op because I have a number of internet (and REAL LIFE™) friends that I like to play internet (but not REAL LIFE™) games with (I’m too lazy for REAL LIFE™ games) and the first time we tried to play the fucking thing it absolutely refused to let us images from wordpress.

My immediate thought at that point in time was “Okay, fuck you then” and I’ve not launched the game since making it a serious waste of money. Not to mention the fact that after installing and launching the game once, it crashed and ever since my drive refuses to read the fucking disc. It reads another CoD5 disc fine, it reads every other disc fine, my disc reads fine in another machine, but my disc, in my machine, post-installation hartenjagen windows 7 downloaden? Not a chance.

I’ve not seen something so fundamental fuck up so badly since I tried to launch Farcry2 and was presented with a plethora of bizarre errors and warnings that I completely ignored only to have the game launch and play absolutely fine until it inevitably crashed like the unstable pile of shit it is. Farcry 2 was very pretty & quite fun, but less stable than your grandmother balancing on the end of Mike Tyson’s dick.

Moving swiftly on and away from gaming before I start talking about Warhammer Online again, and inevitably spiral downwards into describing how much of a bunch of self righteous pricks a certain EU guild happen to be herunterladen.

Onto the serious business, because as I’m sure you’re aware, I’m all about the serious business.

I just completed working on www.davidillustration.com and I’m going to selfishly plug it here, because it’s my fucking blog and I can. It was, of course, built to client spec and while there’s a couple of things I’d have done differently were it for myself I am for the most part pleased with the final product achterbahn spiele kostenlos downloaden. Check it out, the artist I built it for has a lot of talent and I’m sure will be carving himself out a market share given the time and effort that all things require.

It dawned on me this morning that I’m now old enough to look to what I was doing almost 10 years ago as fond memories of dicking off causing trouble for other people, being an obnoxious teenager and playing computer games herunterladen.

Actually, the only thing that’s really changed is that I’m not a teenager anymore and I get out less…

Well, really a lot has changed, as things inevitably do, and I found myself missing the old haunts and after school LAN gaming sprees. Inevitably with a LAN there were people I liked and people I wanted to smash into their keyboard so hard that the next time they took a shit they’d be able to spell their name in the toilet, but the memories are mostly good ones fifa 19 gratis downloaden. I have to wonder how much overnight LANs fueled by excessive energy drinks (inevitably the very cheap alternatives such as “Boost”) screwed me up.

I also have to wonder whether the people who ran the place ever did figure out that my gaming rage and their broken mice were not seperate problems.

Okay, I’m done reminiscing, presumably this odd occurance was caused by it being my 24th birthday this month and me starting to realise that I need to stop fucking around sooner or later, preferably sooner.

Probably later.

For the sake of dipping into the subject of anime before I close this post that has run rampant and will no doubt break 1000 words before I’m done blathering on about getting ever closer to a midlife crisis, I suggest watching Ga-Rei Zero. I recently did and it was a surprise package. It begins with some very typical cliche action and it does carry a little of that with it throughout, but it will catch you by surprise and it’s an entirely enjoyable series.

This series made me want Pocky.
This series made me want Pocky.

Schoolgirl + Pocky + Katana? Yep, works for me.

That’s all for now. If you’ve kept with me all the way through this one I salute you.

This shit is bananas.

B A N A N A S!

Ever since the announcement regarding Keanu Reeves involvement with the Cowboy Bebop live action adaptation I’ve heard a lot of nay saying and people claiming that Reeves can’t act herunterladen.

Now, the rather touchy subject of whether Keanu Reeves can act aside – because if I’m honest, I’m undecided on the subject, I like him, but who the fuck am I to judge acting talent firmware tp link herunterladen? Infact, who the fuck are you to judge acting talent? That aside, I have simply chosen to convince myself that it could be worse.

It could be much, much worse powerpoint presentations.

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

Yes, yes indeed, I did put Spike’s hair on Vin Diesel, a man with less hair than the moon kann man aus youtube videosen. Spike Diesel, as I like to call him, would certainly be nothing short of an abomination. I was tempted to make another of these, with Jason Statham, but honestly I have enough shit to waste my free time on already without making a multitude of ridiculous pictures just for you idiots final fantasy 7 herunterladen.

To summarize, Keanu Reeves is great, so shut up.

Seen as claymoredog.com will likely become my online portfolio, unless I spontaneously decide to turn the dog into a brand (funny but unlikely), I started working on a frontpage for it font windows.

This could be something like what the future of claymoredog could possibly maybe after a great deal of changes look not entirely unlike.

Still early days, but eh.
Still early days, but eh.

Truthfully I’ve always liked very light greys & subtle gradients mixed with bursts of orange, so I’ll probably stick with this unless something unexpected and shocking kicks its way into my ever dazed brain and convinces me otherwise netflix filme downloaden android.

Back on the entertainment front, Dawn of War 2 beta has been quite a bit of fun for me, even if I can often be heard blowing steam out of my ears while profanity pours out of my mouth at *insert unit* or *insert “tactic”* and FEAR 2 looks absolutely fucking terrifying herunterladen.
I gave up on FEAR because I don’t really need to be that anxious, ever. It was a game that succeeded so well at scaring the shit out of me that I stopped playing it skins von anderen spielernen.

FEAR 2 looks like FEAR on fucking acid.

After watching someone else play the demo for a brief spell I had already concluded that the game would be a waste of money I can’t afford to expend – as ultimately I’ll never play it through anyway windows 8 can beed for free.

The end.

Brief, I know, but quite frankly I’m exhausted so go away.

More Flash.

Today has been a slow day of Flash experimentation and not comprehending simple functions.

With that in mind all I’ve actually pulled off was the some ridiculous circles moving around and this:

No, it’s nothing special, but it’s something I did that isn’t a tutorial, baby steps icloud for windows 7! More to come with this later I guess.

Anyway, I believe different resolutions are still seeing the comments as utterly retarded. If any of you nice people could confirm this for me then that’d be nice tabellarischer lebenslauf zum herunterladen.

I’m sure there’s at least one of you that isn’t running 1920×1200.


Edit: This one just in, minor edit but I felt good about myself amazon prime video app downloaden.

Edit: And again spiele für windows 10 kostenlos downloaden.

Flash Tutorial Complete

excel viewer for free german

Despite my earlier ranting, after starting anew at a time other than 8am prior to sleep, I completed the tutorial I had earlier somehow failed.

No, completing a fucking tutorial is no achievement, but I felt like posting it anyway counter strike kostenlos downloaden deutsch vollversion.

I did of course put my own spin on the tutorial in question, and with a little playing around had this:

There you have it, my first flash thingy herunterladen. Whatever it is. Hurray…

Hopefully I can figure out something more impressive soon, lots of basics to learn first.


Fuck you Flash


Please someone fucking explain to me how Flash can fail to draw a piece of shit rectangle when I tell it to.

It was part of A FUCKING TUTORIAL prime video film herunterladen. And not a very complicated part either. So what happened?

It’s 8am and I’ve been doing this shit for too long already, I do not have the patience for magic rectangles that don’t appear as intended, nor the patience to figure out WHY THE FUCK I CAN’T DO THE SIMPLE PART atoss app herunterladen.

Fuck it I’m going to bed.

Fuck Flash and fuck blue rectangles
Fuck Flash, fuck blue rectangles, fuck off.