This will contain stuff.

For example:

Yswr started on about tie defenders (Star Wars context) and...
Yswr started on about tie defenders (Star Wars context) and...

Obviously sensible isn’t a word that I’d apply to this page.

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  1. qj877, February 21, 2013 at 8:01 am most likely when saeson 6 comes on tv or if theres not a saeson 6 id say later this year. i know they put up saeson 4 after saeson 5 premiered. i just bought saeson 5 on vudu movies on xbox live.its a free app but you have to pay to watch anything. its worth it though i like to watch em back to back. too good of a series to wait a week for the next episode

  2. If Jef & Emily ever break up I will cry in my bed for 3 days straight. This is not a joke. I’ve wcethad his proposal speech about 10 times. He promised that “what he’s about to ask her is a forever thing.” If he lies, I cries. Those quesadilla’s look YUM and so sorry about the cast! I bet he feels kinda tough though, right?

  3. Eu am rams doar la film, am citit intr'o seara primele 2 pagini dupa ce vazusem filmul si nu era la am preferat sa raman doar la film. Probabil in viitor o sa citesc si cartea. 😀

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