A post on my blog.

Well it’s my blog so I’ll post what I want right?

Here is the brunt of this post.

Infinity Ward are heroes of the highest order herunterladen.
Treyarch can suck my balls.

Fuck Call of Duty 5. Fuck it in every hole, crevice and flabby fold.

Bring on Modern Warfare 2. *Celebration*

Now that’s out of the way, I’m still not happy with how this blog looks, it irritates me greatly, so expect another revamp soon guild wars 2 client herunterladen. I may even try the lofty task of creating my own theme, though that may kill me… or someone in close proximity to me at the wrong time.

On an unrelated note: Whoever wrote Legend of the Galactic Heroes was a cruel and nasty motherfucker videos amazon primeen. I’m going to remain cryptic on this because it’s really a series you faggots need to watch for yourselves, however old it may be.

Only 20 episodes left for me kan app nieten iphone. Choo choo…

Random picture of my cat just because I can.

Being lazy for a change.
Being lazy for a change.

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