Haruhi is back. And it’s about fucking time.

Better late than never...
Better late than never...

It’s finally that time of year, decade, what the fuck ever herunterladen. The clowns in control of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya have at last released the first new episode of what will be the second season.

Admittedly they released it in the middle of a re-air of the first season, prompting the logical conclusion that the new episodes will likely be aired as and when they see fit, be it inbetween or after the current re-airing gta 5 gekauft herunterladen.

It took them a pretty silly amount of time to release this, so heres hoping it’s worth the wait.

In other news, my kitten, Snow, is asleep behind me after tiring himself out trampling my keyboard, and all attempts to negotiate with Photoshop so far today have been relatively unproductive herunterladen. I did make myself a new forum signature but I can’t really claim to have gotten anywhere with Photoshop in the production of it, seen as the only editing it actually required was some re-sizing, moving and bordering herunterladen. I was aiming for minimalistic so I can’t complain.

I will conquer you, Photoshop, whether you like it or not.

In Eve, Russians blew up my Raven – which in some way was a relief, as I pretty much went out of my way to lose the damn thing schriften für word herunterladen. While I quite liked the hunk of metal it had pve rigs on and I couldn’t be fucked to trash them for field extenders. It was a very Stalingrad experience, we blew up their Pilgrim and another one showed up, picked up the rifle and took his place www.musik download for free. We blew up a Huginn and he returned in a Dominix. We put his Dominix into hull and he returned with a different Dominix (seriously).

Suffice to say we’d have killed all of them if not for the late arrival of our old friend the Falcon Download the file from onedrive. It’s always that way though, isn’t it? Nevermind.

This weekend all our internet idiots are gathering in one location to celebrate Mr office programm kostenlos herunterladen. Ryoko’s birthday. It’s truly destined to be a clusterfuck of proportions we’ve not yet encountered, as computers will be taken with for LANnage aswell as plans for BBQ and of course excessive amounts of beer gegenteil herunterladen.

Someone please keep Deks off the Voshka this time, I’m not sure Kale wants a naked man running around his house for his birthday.

That is all photoscape x download for free.

PS. Anyone need a website? Will design for food.

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