So I’m addicted to Men of War

It’s true, I have become an unfortunate victim of the Men of War virus.

The last couple of days I cycle between probing for Wormholes in Eve-Online and blowing up tanks in Men of War, often to the tune of a Welshman shouting angrily on Ventrilo about the fate of said tanks windows 10 version herunterladen.

I would elaborate further on this, but I already yapped about MoW in my previous post, so this one is going to focus more on Eve.

Our Corporation, Omerta Syndicate, is back in action and getting prepared to start some wars filmeen zdf mediathek. In the meantime we’ve been busying ourselves with locating Wormholes in Highsec and looking for targets on the other side.

Today was the first time one closed behind me warum kann man manche youtube videos nicht downloaden.

We had located a Wormhole in the Isanamo system that contained a Nighthawk pilot who was merrily fighting Sleeper NPCs. Like any pvpers with an ounce of opportunism in them, we set out with our small gang of Anathema, Falcon, Sleipnir, Ishtar and Rifter itunes download kostenlos für windows.

Foolproof, right?


I probed the Nighthawk down and entered the complex he was within, bookmarked a wreck he was headed towards, warped out and back to it locked youtube videos jdownloader.

Now 20km from our target I was in the process of having our ships enter and come to me when the wormhole collapsed. With only the Falcon, Sleipnir and Anathema inside zoom app herunterladen chip.

Turns out the Sleipnir did not have the dps to break the Nighthawk, meaning without our Ishtar we couldn’t kill it. The pilot logged off, eventually disappearing, leaving us stuck in our unknown system powerpoint präsentation download kostenlos deutsch chip.

Fortunately it was only some 30 minutes before we found another wormhole and escaped into Tash Murkon.

My analysis of this is: Wormholes are awesome, thankyou CCP herunterladen.

Also, I have started work on a website for the Manchester Instrumental Teaching Provision.

I’ll provide more on this soon™

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