Tenancy Agreement Template Germany

At the end of the lease, the lessor is required to pay the tenant the deposit as well as any interest on the deposit. However, the lessor may withhold part of the deposit to the extent necessary to repair any damage caused by the tenant to the property. To find out if one of the deposits can be retained, another report of remission must be completed. When visiting the property at the end of the lease, tenants and owners agree and sign the delivery report. If defects not indicated in the initial report of delivery have been found, the tenant is granted a period of time to remedy this irregularity. If the defects cannot be corrected, the owner may withhold part of the deposit. If, after the signing of the final notice of delivery, the owner tries to explain defects, the tenant is not required to deduct part of his deposit and the report of delivery can serve as legal evidence against the owner`s request. The landlord is required to keep your deposit separate from your other belongings, for example by placing it in a special savings account. At the end of your rental, your landlord must repay the deposit, plus interest accrued in the meantime.

If the primary tenant does not seek permission to sublet, they may be held liable. In addition, it is a reason for exceptional termination of the lease. Here you will find a model contract for a sublease agreement: Sublease agreement for a flatshare (Document Word) Sometimes several owners sign a lease agreement as a contracting party and sometimes property management is put in place to settle all issues relating to the contract. If you are not sure who to send important messages (for example.B. Cancellation Notice or Urgent Repair Requests). It is precisely when there is only one main tenant in a flatshare that the use of a sublease or sublease agreement is essential for all other tenants (subtenants). But sometimes it is the opposite, and the landlord insists that everyone who moves in as the main tenant is included in the rental agreement – in this case, no sublease agreement is necessary. Therefore, if a tenant decides to rent the dwelling as a whole or part of it to third parties, a sublease agreement must be signed with the sub-tenant(s). Even if the grounds for terminating the lease are legal, a minimum notice period applies. The deadlines are different for landlords and tenants. The deposit tends to be high; Owners have the legal right to demand up to three months of rental in advance when signing the contract. This can be paid in three months, the first at the beginning of the lease and the second and third in the following months.

Both parties can agree on how to pay the deposit. The most common way is the use of a cash loan in which the tenant transfers the sum to the landlord or pays it in cash. It is also possible to involve a third party, such as for example. B a bank, as an intermediary. . . .