Unilateral Agreement Synonym

The sanctions we have are one-sided. They`re important. Unilateral, unilateral, unilateral, unilateral, alone, solitary, unilateral, incommunicative, unilateral, unilateral, degeneracy controls during the arrest of development are likely to most clearly influence the unilateral development of the face. In addition, the tropical effect of unilateral light can become nasal by internal diffusion of arousal. The amendment was later repealed when the 50 state governors opposed what they saw as the granting of unilateral power to the president. “I think it`s the most sacred, difficult and one-sided piece of legalism I`ve ever seen,” Kennon said bluntly. He met with Putin on 17 June and escaped with a “unilateral ceasefire.” The United States expressed concern about unilateral activities inconsistent with international law, and unilateral measures exaggerating tensions that can lead to real conflict. Measures that could lead to accidents and adverse incidents due to miscalculations should be avoided. Nglish: Translation of a unilateral Spanish spokesperson What prompted you to do a one-sided search? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).

In general, both sides of the language are involved; exceptionally, the affection is one-sided. Under these circumstances, the kind of unilateral executive action taken by Obama will be more and more frequent. This is what we expected, the leaders of the CPC/NPA/NDF announced, through the media, their belated but still strategic and expected decision to proclaim their own unilateral ceasefire. “On the one hand.” Merriam-Webster.com thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/unilateral. Access 19 Dec 2020. The reaction to the unilateral stimulation of the seedling tip. Of course, we believe that any unilateral action on the part of them (Turkey) would be unacceptable, what we are going to do is avoid unilateral aggressions that would again jeopardize these mutual interests… the United States, Turkey and the SDF share each other in northern Syria. But my unilateral statement on the end of the cultural struggle was depressing and naïve.