How To Accept Your License Agreement On Rocket League

(i) to use the software or its parts, including, but not limited to for-profit use in an Internet café, computer gaming centre or any other location-based website, but without purely lucrative use, without compensation in the form of payments or benefits; (ii) use the software or authorize the use of the software on more than one computer, game console, mobile device, handheld device or PDA simultaneously through the same user account; (iii) to use the software or authorize the use of the software or provide the software for use on a network, a multi-user layout, a remote access device, including where it could be downloaded by multiple users; (iv) to sell, rent, rent, license, distribute or transfer this software or copies; (v) reverse engineering, derivative source code, modification, decompilation, decompilation, copying or creation of works derived from the software, in whole or in part (unless the applicable law expressly permits it, in which case all changes, adaptations, copies, improvements, etc., belong to the exclusive property of Psyonix and/or its licensees at the time of creation and in any case become the property); (vi) remove, disable or circumvent security measures, ownership instructions or labels on or inside the software; (vii) to re-export or export software or copies or adaptations in violation of applicable laws or regulations; (viii) create executable data or programs that mimic data or functions in the software; (ix) use the part of the software that allows you to build new variants (“Publisher”) (1) to create new levels that may otherwise be used in relation to the software; (2) change any executable file; (3) defamatory, defamatory or other illegal material that is outrageous or infringing on the privacy rights or advertising of third parties; (4) to use the trademarks, copyrights or intellectual property rights of third parties; or (5) create content that will then be used commercially by you (through pay-per-play or time-sharing services or by other means). To avoid any doubt, you are solely responsible and responsible for third-party claims arising from your use of the publisher; (x) use the software to violate or violate the rights of third parties, including, but not limited to intellectual property, advertising or data protection rights, to create, develop, distribute or use unauthorized software to obtain benefits online or in other game modes; (xii) copy, reproduce, distribute, display or use the software in a manner that is not expressly permitted in this agreement. (B) The software may include measures to control access to the software, control access to certain features or content, prevent unauthorized copies, or attempt to prevent anyone from exceeding the privileges and licenses granted under this Agreement. These measures may include the integration of licensing administration, activation of products and other security technologies in the use of software and monitoring, including, but without limitation, time, date, access or other control, meters, serial numbers and/or other security devices designed to prevent unauthorized access, use and copying of the software or their parts or components, including violations of this agreement.