2 thoughts on “Barrels of fun”

  1. I have a question- I tried to make the ingrastam/blurb book that you had the special on over the weekend, but kept coming up with 2 errors, 1. it wanted the book to be 59 pages, and I couldn’t figure out how to decrease the number- so for a November book, would they be two page spreads, or is there a way? 2. I couldn’t get it to stop ‘slurping’ and let me choose the photos I wanted from the get-go, so I had to keep deleting the photos they added to place my choices on the pages…..am I doing something wrong?

  2. I order my glow items online prior to my Disney trips. The glow cubes come in all sorts of different colors and settings but I also prefer the ones that change color and you can place on one color or rotating colors. They have lasted me 2 to 3 years and while they are cheaper online, they are still not cheap! We put them in our drinks at night at Disney to keep an eye on each other And we like to give them out (un-used) to other kids so that’s why we buy them in bulk before we go.

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