So I’m going to skip the “oops didn’t post for 8 months lol” stuff this time, and jump straight in to some movie business.

Last weekend I watched In Time, that new heavily advertised movie starring none other than JustIn Timeberlake (ucwotididthar?) and Amanda Seyfried download images from mycloud. I went in to this one with low expectations and a quiet sigh – it wasn’t my choice of movie and I was expecting it to be absolute mindless trash from when you can download fifa 20 ps4.

Well, as far as the premise for the movie goes, I wasn’t wrong – let me get this bit out of the way before I surprise you – this movie makes no fucking sense whatsoever, and I mean NO SENSE videos from stream. This is Transformers 2 level nonsense but without any huge robots smashing shit up, if you were to open a tin of beans, pour the contents in to your pants and then pelvic thrust your way across a tight rope I would say you would be about as sensible as the premise for this movie herunterladen.

The set up for this is obvious when the movie starts with a line along the lines of “I would explain why shit is all fucked up like it is but I don’t have time” drooms nxg.

That translated loosely to me as “I know this makes absofuckinglutely no sense but it’ll be cool so just roll with it k?”

Now that’s out of the way, I want to get to the surprising part – Justin Timberlake is not rubbish star wars empire at war star trek mod kostenlos downloaden.

No, seriously, he does a good job and after a couple of minutes I stopped expecting him to start screeching shitty lyrics in a high pitched voice and started watching a character play out a story, which wasn’t the 2 hours of Justin Timberlake acting like a prick that I’d predicted tomtom rider 550 routes.

Timberlake does a decent job and this is mirrored by Amanda Seyfried, who usually gets the “dumb bitch” roles in movies because she’s blonde and looks kind of ditzy – here she not only fits in to the role nicely, but looks absolutely smoking hot the entire way through the movie lexibook apps herunterladen.

Olivia Wilde makes an awkward appearance, though it’s only awkward because she plays the role of In Timeberlake’s mum, an intentional move to highlight the never ageing thing the settlers download. Unfortunately SPOILER ALERT she fucking dies because she can’t afford the bus fare.

Let me reiterate that, Olivia Wilde’s character, Rachel Salas, died because she couldn’t afford bus fare for free chornotes.

Despite my… reservations about the premise, and the plot in general, this movie was actually enjoyable to watch, as were Amanda Seyfried’s legs.


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