TSL, HD7, Some Other Abbreviations and Eve Forever.

The month of March has been laced with the bitter taste of injustice as I did not get a free netbook from the EBuyer review raffle. If I were EBuyer I would have given me two Netbooks, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to feel as though the real, not me Ebuyer would be willing to give me just the one sims 4 download all extensions for free.

That aside, I finally stopped being cheap and bought the Xai – I was also provided with a HTC HD7 by my lovely employer – so far I have mostly used it to take pictures of my cat and share them on twitpic herunterladen.

Stupid Cat.

Definitely a worthwhile business investment itunes für iphone herunterladen.

As I write this I am one hour in the future as today when I woke up all of my clocks are insisting it is an hour ahead of the real time, which I find highly irregular and will be informing Fringe division about as soon as I can find their contact number simulator spiele pc kostenlos downloaden.

I have been watching the TSL, which has so far delivered many extremely entertaining matches, including IdrA getting beaten by some guy he said he’d walk over, and Mondragon roflstomping a Toss Air opening by building Roaches, and Roaches and then some Roaches…

Sadly had to watch TLO lose to NaDa, a best of 3 that mostly consisted of TLO doing incredibly wacky and awesome builds against a guy that banshee harassed and built tanks every game images from wordpress. Booo.

My other recent activities have included eating an entire family of gingerbread people, reading David Thorne’s “The Internet is a Playground” book (which finally arrived – twice) and reading my email on my new phone just because I can adobe reader 9 kostenlos downloaden deutsch.

As for Eve Forever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45mlVuLs_Nw is all I need to say.

Now I am going to watch The Wire and sleep, because even though I not believe this future time thing I’m fairly sure my employer will take exception to that as an excuse for being an hour late for work herunterladen.

More later…

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