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This post is going to be about AMVs (That’s Anime Music Videos for those who haven’t stumbled across these at some point already).

While mostly merit-less fan creations made to pay tribute to a thoroughly enjoyed series/movie, there are as with anything, a number of gems hidden amongst the thousands of fan videos submitted to YouTube to be criticized by the world of internet cynics or fawned over by those with similar tastes.

Whether it’s flashy editing or just good timing and fitting music, there’s always some that stand out, here are some I’ve stumbled across so far.

Note: Some of these may contain spoilers – if you’ve not seen the series in the title, and are likely to watch it, it might be best to give that one a miss.

The Best of You (Multi-series)

Faint Remix (Samurai Champloo) *Spoilers*

Stress (Cowboy Bebop) *Spoilers*

W.U.N. (Soul Eater) *Spoilers*

300 Trailer (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) *Spoilers*

I’ll leave it at that for now.

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