Future Proof

Fucking awesome
Fucking awesome

I was bound to put up a post about this, being best friends with the director and creator of the video, but I’m positive I’d be posting this even if that weren’t the case. What that does mean however is that I saw some of what went in to the creation of it, the utter dedication that was necessary to put this kind of piece of work together, and how despite having seen the inner workings, the development and advancement of ideas and in some way the general evolution of a piece of media it still left a huge impact on me after I watched it, entirely as a viewer, in my chair, in my room and on my screen.

If you’re an Eve player and you’ve not already seen it, shame on you. I’d say more but I think the video speaks for itself.

Here’s the link to the forum thread, all download mirrors and a YouTube link are contained within.

If my word isn’t enough for you to watch if you haven’t already, read the responses on the thread linked and here’s a little web coverage to help convince you:


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