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AdVenture Capitalist

I’m really not sure where to start with this one, much like AdVenture Capitalist, which apparently doesn’t know when to stop. I knew what I was signing myself up for with AdVenture Capitalist, but that did not deter me from giving it a go… a decision I sorely regret dropbox auf desktop herunterladen. AdVenture Capitalist appeals directly to a sense of addiction, a pure example of numerical progression porn. You cannot win, in AdVenture Capitalist, you simply click the buttons to make the numbers go up faster to click the next buttons sticker zum downloaden.

The problem is that there’s always another button, always something else to reach for… no matter how nonsensical the numbers become from when you can disney plus app. The thing that really grinds my gears though, is that the numbers don’t even appear to be accurate.

Check the time, total cash and the /sec figure for lemonade stands...

Now check it again <a class=football for free. " />

Clearly, those lemonade stands are not making as much money as they claim. If we can’t trust maths, where does that leave us?

Anyway, can’t stay, got some very important ascending numbers to observe cccam.cfg downloaden.

I Re-Subbed Eve

It’s been a long time since i’ve both logged in to Eve-Online, and then gone on to undock from a station to do more than rotate a ship in the beautiful glory of simulated space. In the last month I’ve made this leap, small though it seems, and have gone on to do such extravagances as level 4 missions and collecting datacores from research agents bosch bedienungsanleitungen und benutzerhandbücher herunterladen.

Not that level 4 missions are all bad, you do get some sweet loot.


And you meet lots of interesting people.

Stranded in my hangar.

Stranded in my hangar. Right….

Having achieved these small things to get some basic grounding in the operation of a game that, while I spent much of my youth fanatically glued to, I’ve not played for several years, I decided to try some of the more fun PVE content Eve has to offer herunterladen. The caution of my already speculative re-entry to Eve-Online is not unusual, even as a 7 year veteran leading gangs or fleets of players in to vastly outnumbered situations I considered myself a careful and measured player – if I were doing as described, it’d often be because I knew we had an edge that the much larger fleet would have a hard time denying us. Like any other experienced player, I was more than capable of riding the meta-wave and understanding how to always engage with an advantage, whether obvious or not here sprachdatei herunterladen.

Since then however Eve has changed in so many ways that it’s barely recognisable as the game we once played. So, putting the no longer relevant ego aside, I decided to explore some areas of the game I’d dabbled in previously.

Exploration is an aspect of Eve that always appealed to me, finding hidden places and taking hidden things and getting filthy rich in the process, all while sneaking around in a covert ops seemed like fun times sims free play.

After resubbing my alt, with archeology and hacking at V and solid covert ops skills in general, I began mooching around in 0.5s hoping to get lucky. As you can imagine the results were limited, highsec is highsec and there’s not much going begging. I did locate one of the new sleeper sites, which I decided to clear with a Harpy rather than the covert ops due to the repeating environmental damage that came along with the site arduino fehler beim herunterladen von. Aside from this one experience I found very little in highsec, and what I did find was mostly worthless.

Back in the covert ops, I took a trip that started in the above highsec safety of Lonetrek, passed through lowsec, and when I failed to find anything particularly appealing there, moved into Cloud Ring, Fade and on into Pureblind.

I probed down any cosmic signatures I could, ignoring anything that was not an archeology or hacking site – I had little interest in combat sites in an Anathema, and w-space seemed like a can of worms I wasn’t prepared to open yet, additionally, I didn’t want to lumber myself with more environmental damage sleeper sites that I would have a hard time clearing hill climb 2 kostenlos herunterladen.

I travelled through and around, in no particular direction, clearing as many systems as I could before leaving through EC-P8R. Normally I would have avoided this system, as past experience assured me that EC-P8R has historically had shitstorm tendencies, however by this point I was feeling sassy and felt like taking the risk to help me get back into Eve-shape. After negotiating my way through a stationary bubble camp without waking up the nearby Cynabal pilot, I jumped back into highsec with what I’d managed to retrieve from the not so deep depths of nullsec ccleaner slim nederlands gratisen.

Unfortunately the loot I’d collected from the sites I’d found while in nullsec turned out to be worth not so much, and much of it is still listed for sale and isn’t going anywhere fast. For the amount of time and faff involved in exploring nullsec as a solo player, uninterested in blowjobbing my way into Alliance held nullsec stations on a regular basis, this was, all things considered, a bit shit amazon filme herunterladen tablet.

With this in mind it was a week or so until I logged back in, Christmas came between and extended this apathy towards my renewed Eve efforts. Fortunately I can be at times remarkably stubborn, so it wasn’t long before I found myself nosing through the blogs of Eve players that had made exploration their ‘thing’.

I read one line that reminded me that the wormholes I’d been ignoring don’t necessarily all lead to w-space, as many wormholes link different areas of empire space to one another kostenlos nero 8 downloaden deutsch. With this new possibility present in my mind, I logged back in and took the Anathema out for another trip, hoping to get lucky.

After clearing a couple of random nothing-special hacking and relic sites I found a wormhole to highsec, which I took to gallente space. After this I found another wormhole, this time leading to w-space. As mentioned above, I had been avoiding these as I was aware that w-space was far more populous than it had been, but a quick scan showed nothing apart from a lonely Minmatar tower and a couple of loose core probes aktuelle flash player-version herunterladen. Additionally, there were around 8 unknown signatures, providing a level of camouflage if it turned out that the core probes had an active owner.

So I probed down a data site and got stuck in.

Then I got stuck in the data site.

By this I mean, while mid-hack (and I hadn’t been there long) an Astero frigate appeared behind me, and before I knew it I was webbed and scrambled. My somewhat baffled pod escaped, and I’m still not quite sure how he found me so quickly – all of the sites were concentrated in one area save for a couple of outliers, making the odds of probing down the correct site so quickly unlikely, or unlucky, in my case, and I’d been continually scanning without seeing any sign of combat probes, or ships, until the Astero was on me.


I have to also entertain the possibility that he’d already probed down the sites and simply warped through them until he found the one I was at, reinforcing my desire to avoid w-space unless I’m flying something capable of defending itself.

Now I have to entertain the possibility that if I sell everything I had previously collected, am I so much as breaking even on exploration? My previous assertion that it is ‘a bit shit’ has gained some extra ground, as I’ve not seen a single morsel of tasty loot, but rather a broad spread of rubbish trinkets, datacores and… well, lumps of coal.

I think it’s safe to say at this point that I’d have made more ISK if I’d sat and bored myself into a stupor doing level 4 missions, which is disappointing considering the risk vs reward principle that Eve has always touted.

Not giving up though, will resume banging my head against this particular wall soon™ as I’m also currently quite invested in Destiny and South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Bioshocked and other things

I’m going to ramble on a bit here, about my previous post, Bioshock Infinite (spoilers) and the League of Legends LCS.

Despite my earlier sense of elation at enjoying Planetside 2, I did get bored of it again, as the tragic inevitability of meat-grinder wars set in. It became clear that certain key points on the map gradually turned into a contest to see which team had the most players that got annoyed with respawning repeatedly and went to do something else first photos from the cloud.
I got bored of putting bits of bling on my Sunderer and I even got bored of hanging from beneath a Liberator gunship aboard a 105mm cannon that looked disturbingly like a big angry sky-cock and balls, spitting ‘ordnance’ at the plebs below.

It began to remind me of the bits of Battlefield 2142 that I didn’t like, and I didn’t get the same sense of personal achievement from PS2 that I got from BF2142 when something went my way bella ciao herunterladen. Additionally, Battlefield 2142 had that nice bit at the end where it says YOU WON AND GOT A MILLION PINS FOR SHOOTING PEOPLE IN THE FACE. I liked that bit, the pointless pat on the back, the virtual fist-bump with a list of stats that lets you measure your clicking against the clicking of others.

What did happen was that I started playing League of Legends, a game that is both loved and hated the world over for various reasons. I realise at one point I felt an irrational grudge towards League of Legends because, as someone that had gotten very much into Starcraft 2, it was stealing all the eSports thunder life is strange. That grudge has obviously passed, and now I’m just a rubbish 29 year old Silver II player without the free time to excel at the game I play most – and I’m ok with that, life comes first.

As a result I’ve also taken to watching LCS, playing the Fantasy LCS league and neglecting just about all other games, though I do occasionally make an exception free baller games to download.

One such exception was Bioshock Infinite.

Bioshock Infinite was the kind of game I went into without any particular enthusiasm, I wanted a single player game to play and it was well hyped – I’d previously fooled around in Dishonored and Arkham City and not felt a strong compulsion to finish either, and I still frown every time I open Skyrim and realise how far I have to travel to… do… anything. So I went in with my usual sense of indifference, something that has only been broken by a handful of games.

I sat through the first scenes and tried to remain open to what they were setting up, popped up into Columbia and was mostly just surprised by how bright everything was doom spiel kostenlosen.

There was a point early in the game when I had to remind myself that yes, this is all visually impressive stuff, and Irrational Games had created a beautiful world. The problem was that I wasn’t buying in, even when the rather sudden and surprising ultra-violence began. I was just running around shooting people in the face, or clubbing them to death and a weird skyrail thing and I didn’t really understand what the big deal was herunterladen.

So I didn’t play for a few days, until one evening I was without suitable distraction and resumed. That was when I met Elizabeth. This was the pivotal point where Bioshock Infinite turned from another shooter into a stunning, story-driven rollercoaster ride. She had almost Disney-like qualities, a proverbial princess trapped in a tower, with big eyes and book-throwing feistiness.


I also met Songbird, who had far less Disney-like qualities, reminding me firmly that I was playing a Bioshock game, as the big metal bastard seemed to be trying quite hard to cleave me in half wimmelbild spiele vollversion kostenlosen ohne zeitlimit.


The scenes that followed slowly built an upsie-downsie relationship between my protagonist and the space-time tearing Elizabeth, a sweet, sheltered girl with a handy knack for pilfering from parallel timelines and helpfully throwing ammo at me. I also got some interesting insights into the background of Booker DeWitt, my character.

What followed was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had, I did buy in, entirely and completely – and I believed in the connection between the characters microsoft office xp download kostenlos. I rode the rollercoaster with an open mind and allowed it to take effect in a way a game rarely does. The development of Elizabeth on one end of the spectrum alongside the discovery of Booker’s past on the other, creating two intrinsically linked storylines working towards one another.

The moment Songbird lifted Elizabeth away and left me, Booker, flat on my back I felt a genuine desire to go shoot the ferrous motherfucker in the beakface, I actually felt antagonised by its flappy-bird bullshit youtube converter mp3 herunterladen.


When the game ended I stared at the credits for a while and quietly reflected, before getting myself a strong drink to celebrate a game I had genuinely enjoyed.

I’m not going to be the guy that dissects the ending, combing through the storyline looking for inconsistency or plotholes, because Bioshock Infinite ended for me when the credits rolled, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience that I’d rather not infringe upon for the sake of pedantry rechnung herunterladen facebook.


And that’s that.

Moving on, I’m currently looking forward to an evening of LCS – I’ve been a loyal but frequently disappointed EG supporter for quite some time, and EG have two games to play tonight, and must win both to reach playoffs. As they’re currently holding the league up from the bottom it seems unlikely they’ll manage it, but they’re already 2-0 for the week including a carefully constructed victory vs second place Cloud 9. They still have to get past first place LMQ however, a game that will be an absolute gauntlet.

If EG do succeed however, it’ll be a series of wins that will secure them not only a playoff position, but also prove that they’re a serious contender in NA despite spending the majority of their season in dead last, and I can’t help but #believe.

Planetside 2: Day 1

Time played: 2 hours

Having already dipped my toes in to Planetside 2 during the beta I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I was up against when I installed the release client of this fairly enormous Free to Play beast and fired it up for the first *real* time quizduell herunterladen.

Turns out that I was wrong. I don’t admit that I’m wrong easily as my friends could probably attest to, but in this case I most assuredly was absolutely incorrect ubuntu downloaden und installieren. Planetside 2 beta for me was a luke-warm experience, a picturesque ride-along admiring the many rocks, canyons, craters, rocks and canyons that passed beneath the 105mm turret that I’d been entrusted with deploying ordnance from druckertreiber kostenlos downloaden.

There was a lot of passively flying to and fro, capturing bases that had been previously taken from us by some snide infiltrator that seemingly found it compelling to traverse the map alone capturing empty bases dropbox einzelne bilder downloaden. Every so often there would be the opportunity to utilize my 105mm to obliterate hostile groups that ranged from a handful of unfortunate pals roaming the ground on buggies to a base jam packed with tiny red names who would no doubt be caught by surprise when several barrages of explosions happened to redeploy them to the redeployment screen after a short stay in the you-died-limbo-screen zoom download voor macbook.

The action was good fun, but there was a certain sense of emptiness to the game, it wasn’t quite polished as you’d expect from a beta, and I didn’t feel a significant compulsion to log in and fight for my right to party herunterladen.

Jumping ahead to release, I didn’t rush in to Planetside 2 on release day, or the day after that, or even the day after that… in fact it was 6 days before I finally loaded her up and decided I’d give it a spin herunterladen. After several minutes attempting to co-ordinate a Liberator-pickup only to discover I was on the wrong continent (not a common problem in online games…) we finally got organised, got in to the fray and got shot down – immediately wii spiele legalen.

It became quickly apparent that the sky was filled with hatred, flak and bastards, so we decided to try our luck on the ground.

We had a team of three: Myself, Endstar and the occasionally unconscious Deks bilder vom ipad herunterladen. Our first manoeuvre was to take the flank of a base our fabulously purple Vanu comrades were in the process of assaulting. A hard fought battle ensued, with numerous attempts at counter-flanking our flanking until we finally got an opportunity to push forwards and take our side of the base steam abonnieren zum herunterladen. Success occurred, we broke in to the base and it fell under the outrageously stylish control of purple team.

More assaults followed, it was non-stop enemy contact with far more killing than dying, this rapidly became the most fun I’d had in Planetside 2 – after an hour I’d had more fun than I had in the entire beta. After taking a smaller hilltop fortification two of us pushed up a mountainside to flank a small group of enemies that we’d sighted at the top. When we got there they were gone, however our new position allowed us a fairly unique opportunity.

With Endstar right behind me, I jumped down on to the slope below and began to slide, very quickly, towards the next objective. We could see from where we were that this base was crawling with reds – and we were sliding down to their flank at a rather alarming speed, and would be coming in to the base rather alarmingly close to… well, everything.

What happened next was sort of a blur of muzzle flashes, kills, assists and generally a consistent application of hostility for around 10 minutes. When the dust settled the base was ours, and I had somehow survived the ordeal.

Planetside 2 had just blown my mind, and I hadn’t stepped in to the driver’s seat of a single vehicle yet.

All I can say for certain is that I’ll be giving my opinion of Planetside 2 a serious rethink, because it’s already several quad-damage-multipliers more fun than The Old Republic ever was (sorry BioWare).


So I’m going to skip the “oops didn’t post for 8 months lol” stuff this time, and jump straight in to some movie business.

Last weekend I watched In Time, that new heavily advertised movie starring none other than JustIn Timeberlake (ucwotididthar?) and Amanda Seyfried download images from mycloud. I went in to this one with low expectations and a quiet sigh – it wasn’t my choice of movie and I was expecting it to be absolute mindless trash from when you can download fifa 20 ps4.

Well, as far as the premise for the movie goes, I wasn’t wrong – let me get this bit out of the way before I surprise you – this movie makes no fucking sense whatsoever, and I mean NO SENSE videos from stream. This is Transformers 2 level nonsense but without any huge robots smashing shit up, if you were to open a tin of beans, pour the contents in to your pants and then pelvic thrust your way across a tight rope I would say you would be about as sensible as the premise for this movie herunterladen.

The set up for this is obvious when the movie starts with a line along the lines of “I would explain why shit is all fucked up like it is but I don’t have time” drooms nxg.

That translated loosely to me as “I know this makes absofuckinglutely no sense but it’ll be cool so just roll with it k?”

Now that’s out of the way, I want to get to the surprising part – Justin Timberlake is not rubbish star wars empire at war star trek mod kostenlos downloaden.

No, seriously, he does a good job and after a couple of minutes I stopped expecting him to start screeching shitty lyrics in a high pitched voice and started watching a character play out a story, which wasn’t the 2 hours of Justin Timberlake acting like a prick that I’d predicted tomtom rider 550 routes.

Timberlake does a decent job and this is mirrored by Amanda Seyfried, who usually gets the “dumb bitch” roles in movies because she’s blonde and looks kind of ditzy – here she not only fits in to the role nicely, but looks absolutely smoking hot the entire way through the movie lexibook apps herunterladen.

Olivia Wilde makes an awkward appearance, though it’s only awkward because she plays the role of In Timeberlake’s mum, an intentional move to highlight the never ageing thing the settlers download. Unfortunately SPOILER ALERT she fucking dies because she can’t afford the bus fare.

Let me reiterate that, Olivia Wilde’s character, Rachel Salas, died because she couldn’t afford bus fare for free chornotes.

Despite my… reservations about the premise, and the plot in general, this movie was actually enjoyable to watch, as were Amanda Seyfried’s legs.


TSL, HD7, Some Other Abbreviations and Eve Forever.

The month of March has been laced with the bitter taste of injustice as I did not get a free netbook from the EBuyer review raffle. If I were EBuyer I would have given me two Netbooks, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to feel as though the real, not me Ebuyer would be willing to give me just the one sims 4 download all extensions for free.

That aside, I finally stopped being cheap and bought the Xai – I was also provided with a HTC HD7 by my lovely employer – so far I have mostly used it to take pictures of my cat and share them on twitpic herunterladen.

Stupid Cat.

Definitely a worthwhile business investment itunes für iphone herunterladen.

As I write this I am one hour in the future as today when I woke up all of my clocks are insisting it is an hour ahead of the real time, which I find highly irregular and will be informing Fringe division about as soon as I can find their contact number simulator spiele pc kostenlos downloaden.

I have been watching the TSL, which has so far delivered many extremely entertaining matches, including IdrA getting beaten by some guy he said he’d walk over, and Mondragon roflstomping a Toss Air opening by building Roaches, and Roaches and then some Roaches…

Sadly had to watch TLO lose to NaDa, a best of 3 that mostly consisted of TLO doing incredibly wacky and awesome builds against a guy that banshee harassed and built tanks every game images from wordpress. Booo.

My other recent activities have included eating an entire family of gingerbread people, reading David Thorne’s “The Internet is a Playground” book (which finally arrived – twice) and reading my email on my new phone just because I can adobe reader 9 kostenlos downloaden deutsch.

As for Eve Forever: is all I need to say.

Now I am going to watch The Wire and sleep, because even though I not believe this future time thing I’m fairly sure my employer will take exception to that as an excuse for being an hour late for work herunterladen.

More later…

Electric Cats and complaints and complaints about electric cats.

I write this with hope in my heart that all none of you that care whether I post on here regularly will be willing to forgive my recent inability to provide you with my ever enlightening views on the universe at large.

I realise this negligence has become a trend of sorts and I don’t provide you with the loving attention that you almost definitely don’t deserve anyway, but could if I were dedicated enough, deliver.

With this in mind I’m going to almost certainly repeat the process, but I’m sure you expected that as an outcome and as such have prepared yourselves for my inevitable failure to express my incredibly important and widely respected opinion with any sort of frequency workout music download kostenlos.

A large factor in my absence has been full time work. Anyone who knows me, or has been sneaking glances at this blog in the past will know that when I posted more frequently on here I was unemployed, and had been for some time. As such, adjusting to both working and posting on a blog isn’t something I’ve pulled off yet.

I could be extremely prolific if I wanted to, but I’m sure if I were not forgetting to post on this blog I would have to be routinely forgetting something else instead, such as providing my cat with food and litter. This would undoubtably piss him off quite a lot, and I’d not at all be surprised if he spent what little food remained within his furry, static charged body to shit in one or both of my shoes video downloaden npo start.

Seen as I’ve gone and mentioned it now, my cat was until recently so consistently charged with static electricity that providing him with any kind of attention was usually a fairly painful business, as every attempt at putting a hand on him resulted in a brief and after some time frustrating static shock. Fortunately the new carpet seems to have solved the problem and I am now welcomed home from work by a cuddly cat rather than a hairy tesla coil.

He's quite a bit bigger now, so I can use the static he generates to power my PC.

Moving on…

Now that I’m working and my debt to the world is decreasing gradually I find myself starting to want for things that aren’t entirely out of reach anymore.

A couple of examples would be a new keyboard & mouse, or a new mobile phone.

Steelseries Xai
Steelseries Xai

The mouse question has become fairly black and white for me, the only question is how cheap can I get a Steelseries Xai for youtube videosen test? Not very cheap, most sources say. The bottom line here is that I don’t want another Razer mouse. I’m finished with Razer as a brand – their products are too expensive for items that seem to possess a build quality comparable to a chair constructed entirely of the little shavings that come off a rubber when you vigorously remove pencil from paper.

So with the mouse decided on and me simply waiting until I feel flush enough to spend, I move on to the next one; the keyboard.

This one has me baffled if I’m entirely honest. The last time I bought a keyboard it seemed easy, but this time around it seems as though to get a backlit keyboard you have to either buy something genuinely disappointing or spend over £100 battlefield download kostenlos vollversion.

The biggest shock to me was the Razer Blackwidow. Yes I looked at it, no I won’t buy it, and not just because of the reasons mentioned above with regards to my Razer prejudice. The Blackwidow is an £80 keyboard.

If I were crazy enough to spend £80 on a keyboard (and by crazy enough I mean if I didn’t have bills to pay instead) then there are a few expectations I’d have going forward with such an exchange. One such expectation is that it be superior to my Saitek Eclipse II, which I purchased several years ago. My Eclipse II has three colours of backlighting complete with a nifty dimmer switch that is of absolutely no use to me but is nice anyway, and the only media keys it comes with are the ones I actually want; the audio media keys so I can control my playlist without tabbing out of whatever game I happen to be in magix slideshow maker kostenlos downloaden.

I’ve developed a deep and sincere appreciation for these keys, as they almost become part of my macro when I’m playing Starcraft 2 – 3 s d 3 s v 1 click click 3 s d nonotthatsongskiptrack 3 s d etc etc. and I’ve also learned to appreciate the backlighting. Not because I need light to see where my keys are in the dark, as I’m not a dribbling computer mong. I know where my sodding keys are already, I just like the way my rig looks with blue LEDs in the tower, the mouse and the keyboard.

Now, I’ve just mentioned the Steelseries Xai which as far as I’m aware does not have blue LEDs, which immediately seems to contradict where I’m headed with this, but hear me out ghc herunterladen.

Razer Blackwidow Expert: I AM DISAPOINT

The Razer Blackwidow Expert edition has no backlighting, which in turn means no nifty dimmer swtich and also has none of the audio control keys I’ve become accustomed to. Now before someone calls out ‘The Ultimate version has backlighting dick head’ in an attempt to derail my far from finished criticism, the Ultimate edition of the keyboard does indeed have ‘5 levels of backlighting’. It also costs £55 more.

In addition to the backlighting the Ultimate has a couple of built in USB ports and audio jacks for your headphones & mic License-free music download for free.

Yes that’s the only difference.


Now I understand that these are mechanical keyboards with 50g actuation force flux coils and graviton drives with bits of gold to make everything go inconceivably fast, so fast that I’m just making things up, and I realise that these things are by default expensive, but come the fuck on if an £80 keyboard doesn’t deserve backlighting and intuitive media keys instead of those fucking god awful macro keys that brands keep sticking on the side of keyboards ever since someone at Logitech got high on some kind of hallucigen and designed the G15.

I’m just not willing to pay an additional £55 on top of an already extremely high pricetag for a keyboard just so some cretin gets the go ahead to stick some LEDs in it along with a few handy sockets. Yes, I know the keys will make many a satisfying clunk when pressured under the force of zerg macro; even my zerg macro – which is terrible, but Razer are taking the piss a bit now rette das mädchen herunterladen.

On the up side, it has a braided cable. GG Razer you figured it out. Now put those in all your mice and give me five free ones and we’ll call it square.

All in all this further reinforces my new policy in regards to Razer. I feel as though I should start my own company just so that I can have a company policy page on my company website that states in no uncertain terms that Razer can fuck right off.

Continuing to rant about Razer won’t help me find a keyboard unfortunately, and I find the Logitech G15 and its ilk to be filthy horrible creations designed entirely to fuck with my sense of where the keys are supposed to be herunterladen. I like the keys where they are, and there’s more than enough of them on a standard keyboard thankyouverymuch.

My Saitek Eclipse II has been lovely and I’d keep it but I want to change it for something fresh and new, partially because I’m tired of using a keyboard that contains more crumbs than a pack of maryland cookies.

Contains Crumbs

Contains More Crumbs

Unfortunately thus far I’ve been unsuccessful in finding a keyboard that meets my requirements, all I want is a keyboard that is backlit, has keys I can tell I’ve actually pressed and looks nice. Apparently that’s asking for a tremendous amount if I don’t want to go bankrupt in the process.

(Audio control keys would be nice too) do not pdf only view.

More soon, probably complaining about mobile phone contracts.

Or Starcraft 2 Protoss Colossi.

One Month Later…

Well, it’s been just over a month since my last post, but close enough right? I’ve been fairly occupied with work, Starcraft II, blowing up some WTs in Eve-Online and driving around things in a circular fashion in World of Tanks gta play for free without download.

I’ll start where the last paragraph ended I suppose, seen as my previous post was focused in its entirety on World of Tanks. I progressed to the T-44, have acquired a Jagdpanther for ‘lols’ and am currently arsing around in a T-28 on a bit of a quest to get in to some form of IS series heavy tank kostenloses office paketen.

SC2 I’m going to skip over as a subject, because ultimately I’m not particularly good at it.

The compulsory Eve update section.

Eve-Online however, oh my… In an explosion of boredom induced frustration I spontaneously declared war on the first Alliance that earned my ire while spamming ‘Show Info’ on random people in Airkio ing app herunterladen.
The winner was ‘House of Gaming’, and they earned the war due to a horrific inability to spell, highlighted by a pretty depressing alliance description google drive alles herunterladen.
The war lasted a single week only, despite some smack from a few of their members they weren’t up to much, and when their executor returned (he was away from the game apparently) he turned up in our public channel and expressed his desire to surrender facebook kontakte herunterladen.

Our demands were simple, of course, he seemed like a nice enough guy and I felt no need to be particularly unreasonable – so we requested they amend the errors in their alliance description and forward apologies to a member of ours that they had talked a bit of smack to gratis musikvideos herunterladen.

With that over with, we’re currently shooting at an alliance called ‘United European Star-Force’, who I felt deserved it simply for having such a stupid fucking name movies from rtl.

Despite allegedly having some PVP focus we’ve seen nothing of them since our very first engagement – in which we jumped in to their positioned force of 14 ships with our 6 fast-movers, and promptly trashed the better part of their fleet outlook herunterladen windows 7. 10 downed without loss, despite three ECM Scorpions being positioned at sniper range.

Even though we’d almost certainly humiliated them beyond expectation, they were quite amicable about the entire ordeal and assured us they weren’t finished there mails herunterladen.

Well, all I’ve seen since was two corporations leave the alliance, and a single Mining Barge that wasn’t quite bright enough to depart an asteroid belt before I came out of warp with a whoosh and exploded him with a bang postgres herunterladen.

The Non-Eve bits

Relevant to my interests is Highschool of the Dead – an anime devoted to schoolgirls with massive tits fighting zombies in an extremely over the top manner. I have an inbuilt appreciation for stuff like this, even though it’s quite clear the story will be a load of absolute bollocks and it’s about as sensible as North Korea.

Highschool of the Dead bullet dodging
This is what the Matrix would have looked like had Neo been a Japanese schoolgirl with massive breasts.

Additionally, since my previous post, I finished both seasons of Life on Mars, and continued on to watch all three seasons of Ashes to Ashes – they’re an excellent watch, particularly for Phillip Glenister as Gene Hunt, who could well be described as ‘fucking awesome’.

Gene Hunt
"This investigation is moving at the speed of a spastic in a magnet factory"

Additionally, I revisited Dead Set, as I didn’t watch the entire thing when it was airing – great three part zombie piece set on big brother, recommended for a nice, quiet, zombie-night-in.